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What should a student do for immigrate to Canada?

We all know that Canada is considered as the 5th largest immigration-friendly nation. Starting from educational purposes, jobs to permanent settlement, the country has considerably reached a higher rate in inviting immigrants from all over the world. Irrespective of the purposes, every category of immigrants can feel like their second home in this country due to the striking ethical diversity and a friendlier ambiance that it provides. One has to follow or go through certain procedures before he can finally land in the country and successfully make his dream come true. IELTS exam is the topmost priority to all the immigrants. Based on their purpose they can sit either for IELTS General or IELTS Academic. As the name suggests, IELTS ACADEMIC is meant for educational purposes only, it is applicable to both college and university students. IELTS GENERAL is meant for emigration purposes or for the job purposes. If one permanently wants to move to Canada, he has to take IELTS general training to prove his English potentials. Other associated processes include VISA, Passport, Identity Documents, Police Certificate, and Educational Certificates and so on.What should a student do for immigrate to Canada?

Now, if you are aiming to work in Canada, you will be seeking a Work Permit from your employer and then only you can go to Canada but, you too have to give your IELTS GENERAL TEST and have to score good to get your desirable job. Only after passing this test, you can opt for a work permit and also permanently residing in this country. But what about a student? When a student wants to pursue higher education in Canada from a globally recognized university, then, IELTS ACADEMIC test is an obligation for them and they too have to score a very good band for getting admission to a well reputed Canadian University. A student after getting admission from his desired university is subjected to appear for completion of his higher education in the country. Then, he can also get a placement opportunity along with a work permit to work in Canada. This work permit can allow him to extend his staying in Canada even after completion of his study. But, what about if the condition becomes something different? Canada for his own betterment, wants good students to stay in here but does that imply, students here again have to appear for IELTS GENERAL Test to be a permanent resident? We know that this is a big question to many students and that is why we are here to help you. Continue reading this post to know more.


The answer is YES, if, you are a medical professional. Medical professionals if want to permanently settle in Canada, they are asked to give IELTS Academic tests. It is applicable for all international health workers, nurses, physicians, medical lab technicians and other medical professionals.

We already mentioned before that, country like Canada does allow students to pursue jobs after their higher education as an extension of their student visa which was previously valid for their study purpose only. But, don’t worry. You don’t have to give IELTS GENERAL to permanently reside here provided you had been admitted in a Canadian University by successfully passing IELTS ACADEMIC test. Although, this is an indirect way of using IELTS academic for immigration purposes. The academic version of this exam can help you with your long term immigration. If you study from a well reputed Canadian University then, from the university’s international education office, you can get some information regarding immigration options and long term work.

One thing has to be cleared that IELTS ACADEMIC is not so immigrant friendly like IELTS GENERAL. But, that does not imply that the academic test will not necessarily serve your purpose. Also, general training opens up some more opportunities for the immigration purposes that academic training restricts.


As long as you will study in Canada, you will be considered as a temporary resident only. The Canadian Government will also expect you to leave the country after completing your higher education, until and unless you are given a work permit from any Canadian employers. But, if you are willing to stay in Canada for a long period then, you must apply in any of the programs as listed below-


This is a permanent resident category for people with skilled work experience in Canada. This was meant for temporary foreign employees and foreign graduates with qualifying Canadian work experience.

Minimum requirements-

  • You must prove your English proficiency level (here, band score of your IELTS academic test will be considered).
  • You must possess at least one year of skilled working experience, either full time or part .time, in Canada in the last three years before your application to CEC.
  • You must have worked legally in Canada for at least one year.
  • As per the Canadian National Occupational Classification, skilled work experience refers to Professional jobs or skill type A, Managerial jobs or skill type 0 and Technical jobs or skill type B.
  • You must meet the minimum language standard as pre-set by Canadian Language Benchmark 5 or Canadian Language Benchmark 7.
  • You must describe his test results in his Express Entry Profile.
  • You must plan to live outside the province of Quebec as it chooses its own skilled workers.

This system has a four digit code and job description for every occupation listed in the Canadian Labour Market. It is a nationally standardized and recognized system and is used for IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This standard is used for evaluating your work experience. One’s immigration application to Canada can even get turned down if he fails to select the most appropriate NOC code. If someone claims a NOC code which doesn’t match his work experience, his application will get rejected automatically. Each NOC code is linked to a particular job title, its associated duties and responsibilities and lead statement. Your work experience must be a perfect match to the lead statement and you should have performed most of the key responsibilities and duties mentioned along with the code.

In order to proof that you have applied for the right NOC, you need to provide certain supporting documents and most importantly, your employment reference letter. This employment reference letter must include your designation, your salary, your average working hours per week, the list of your employment duties and date of your employment.

Minimum Requirements

  • You must have one year of working experience in the last 10 years from any of these professions like senior managers, legislators, human resource managers, advertising, marketing, courier service managers, banking, financial managers, health care managers, fire chiefs and fire fighting officers, retail and wholesale managers, home building officer etc.
  • Whatever your occupation is in Canada that must correspond to the Canadian Occupational definition of your listed migration job. Only occupations that are under Skill type 0, Skill type A and B are listed here.
  • This is required for your entry under Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  • You must document correct work experience for ensuring your awarded experience points.

We would also like to let you know that besides getting a work permit after your graduation, if you get selected in a very classy profession by reputed Canadian employers, then, this will increase your propensity of staying in Canada and you can also submit a successful immigration application. Still, we will suggest you to give both IELTS general and IELTS academic tests, if you really want to permanently settle in Canada. This is because of your own safeguard and avoidance of unnecessary hassles regarding immigration application process during one’s post-graduation. The main difference has to be noted here- If one only gives IELTS Academic and later opts for emigration in Canada, then, the above processes will just extend the staying period in this country for a VERY LONG PERIOD. But, if you can have good band scores of both IELTS academic and general tests, you can at ease permanently immigrate to Canada after your higher education.

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