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Step by Step process to get immigration Visa of Canada

Step by Step process to get immigration visa of CanadaCanada is a dream destination to many Indians. Students, employees and even businessman get attracted with the huge scopes and opportunities that Canada has for their immigrants. Starting from the safety and security to continuous support of the Canadian government, an immigrant can avail all these things at ease provided he follow all the legalities and formalities before landing in this country. VISA is one such important document with which you have to be very careful. Depending on the type of VISA you want for your purposes, you have to know all the principles related to that specific visa, mode of application, its fees and other associated issues.  Generally, Indians opt for three types of visas- Student Visa, Work Visa and PR Visa. So, in this blog, we are going to give a brief description about all these visas and their application in a step by step process.



Eligibility criteria

  • It is applicable both for graduate and undergraduate courses.
  • Students must have their passport ready before opting to study in Canada. The passport must be valid for the entire study courses.
  • It would be best if you have completed your graduation from India and then, applying for higher studies in Canada, otherwise a very good higher secondary percentage is required.
  • There must be no criminal records of a student and he must be in a good health.


  • You must have an acceptance letter from the University in which you are opting to study in Canada.
  • You must fulfil all your criteria as set by your chosen Canadian University
  • There must be no gaps in between your educational periods.
  • There is a designated fee for the courses that you want to apply and depending on that, you may have to pay $4,000 to $16,000. While you will be taking admission, you have to deposit some amount of your admission fee and the rest can be paid by installments after you go to Canada.
  • A very good grade in IELTS exam is required. For graduate students, minimum grade 6 is required and for post graduate, minimum 6.5 is required, otherwise, visa will not be issued.
  • The biggest worry is AVAILABILITY OF YOUR MONETARY RESOURCES. You must have sufficient funds for both your educational and living expenses in Canada.
  • You can also go for student loans.

Student visa requirements

  • You must give an explanatory letter to the VISA officer and you must have that convincing capacity to make the visa officer understands of your purpose to immigrate to Canada.
  • You also have to convince that after your study, you will come back to your motherland.
  • Study permit gets issued in such a way that you will be getting additional 3 months even after completion of your course.

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  • To obtain a work permit, you must get an offer letter from a Canadian employer at first.
  • Only after availing this offer letter, you can get a temporary work permit by Employment and Social Development Canada.
  • When a Canadian employer will seek for foreign employees, he generally gives job advertisements in classified job sites or he can also request to ESDC department for getting suitable foreign employees.

Large Group of Various Occupations people holding blank paper.

  • So, in case if you get an offer letter from a Canadian employer, you must also ask for the LMIA too
  • Only after getting LMIA, one can avail a temporary job offer from the Canadian employer along with a detailed job descriptions.
  • Once you get all these documents along with your valid passport, medical certificate, prove of sufficient funds etc. you can apply for a temporary Work Permit to ESDC department.
  • After verification of all the documents, your work permit gets issued.

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Education assessment-

  • Education Credential assessment or ECA is done by a few organisations like WES, ICAS, IQUAS etc.
  • All of your educational degrees would be verified by any of these organisations mentioned above.
  • Original transcripts and scan coy of mark sheets, certificates and degrees are needed.
  • ECA will be valid till 5 years from the date of its issue.

English/French fluency test-

  • English and French are the two official languages of Canada.
  • Before you apply for PR Visa, you need to prof your efficiency in any of these languages in all four aspects- reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • There are various competitive exams like IELTS and TEF for this language proficiency test.
  • The better the score of this exam the more you will be able to get an early ITA.

Profile creation for ITA (Invitation for Apply)

  • It gets issued by the Government of Canada.
  • ITA would be availed on the basis of your Draw Score and CRS score. Only after this, you can request for PR.
  • ECA and EILTS core is necessary for profile creation.
  • A NOC certificate would be assigned on the basis of your current work and job duties.
  • After the profile gets created and locked, you will get an ITA from CIC.
  • Here also, if you have higher CRS score, you will have more probability to get an early ITA.

Documents need to be arranged

  • Medical certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Marriage/divorce/death certificate of spouse
  • Birth certificate
  • Valid Passport and photograph
  • Your travel documents

Online submission of VISA application

  • You have to submit all the documents as mentioned earlier
  • You have to pay the visa fee
  • You have to wait for a stipulated time for confirmation of your PR visa.

Visa Stamping

  • After confirmation, VISA needs to be stamped in your passport
  • You have to pay a small fee in VFS center
  • Passports and photographs are needed at this time
  • All these need to be submitted with within 30 days after your PR Visa gets confirmed

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