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Success Mantra for Gate Toppers

Are you well prepared for the GATE EXAM 2019? Are you following the right strategy to crack this tough exam? You are not sure, right?Success Mantra for GATE Toppers

That is fine, if you are aiming to sit for the GATE exam and successfully crack it, you definitely need to follow some disciplines which can lead you to fulfill your dream. All competitive exams are tough but this difficulties can be smoothened out if you follow the right guidance and procedures. This can infuse confidence and you can have that strong determination to owe success from this exam. Majority students think that they can crack this exam if they start preparing from a few months earlier. If this is your concept too, then, let us assure that you are thinking the most wrong way. No matter if you are opting to sit for the coming GATE exam or are thinking to start its preparation to sit for the next year, this blog post is going to be highly beneficial to you. It will unveil some important strategies and success initiatives that GATE students can apply to achieve success. So, continue reading this blog from the start to the end so that you don’t miss any important points.

Let’s start with the BASICS of the GATE EXAM. If someone is unaware of the basics of this exam, he cannot do anything just by attempting questions. Always remember one thing- PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT. So, start solving previous years’ questions to get a thorough idea of the questions’ patterns, time scheduled to solve each section and your extent of efficiency to solve these questions. Consider using the website of GATE OVERFLOW from where you can get lots of previous years’ questions. Also, just by solving test papers, a student cannot have enough experience until, he is clear with his fundamentals. In easier words, from every single test paper, you must analyse your performance and time management and the tactics should be like this- more you solve the test papers, more efficient your expertise will be. If you can follow this without any fail, then, solving 10 test papers can be more than sufficient to you. Also, depending on your subject field, you must have clear concepts of the topics in a GATE exam. Watch this video for further help-

As GATE exams depends on the subjects with which you are pursuing graduation, you need to be assured yourself to pay serious attention to the required CONCEPTS. You can use various reference books from where you can get various important points of a similar topic and thus can have a clear understanding of the concepts involved in it. You can simultaneously work with the test papers to increase your efficiency and also to know how well you can apply your concept to answer APPLICATION BASED QUESTIONS. For your easier understanding, think that you have considered preparing for 12 months before appearing for the GATE EXAM. So, divide this 12 months into 6+6. For the first six months, you will fully devote yourself to learn the various CONCEPTS and then, for the remaining 6 months, you must focus on your application. Consider solving test papers subject wise till you are fully prepared. When 3-4 months will be left for you exam, you can start solving full question papers because, by this time, you should be prepared fully.

With the help of technology, students can now avail so much convenience, for example, if you want to take a quick test of 30 minutes, you can give that on various mobile apps that prepare questions for GATE EXAMS. Now, there are divisions in this exams- subject wise, chapter wise and then full exam. If you can give one chapter wise test daily, it can be really beneficial to you. The greatest advantage of using mobile apps is that you can give test at any time you want. Again, as mentioned earlier that following previous years’ questions can help you to get an idea of the question patterns. You have to analyse very carefully on the parts that you can score the most and thus, taking preparations accordingly.

One thing must be clear to you that GATE is just an opportunity which you can execute really successfully provided you remain calmed and positive to yourself. Getting exam panics can ruin your motivation and you will be succumb to make more silly mistakes. So, have faith in yourself and try to give your best effort from the starting of your preparation to your final examination day. See this motivational video below-

To crack competitive exams like GATE, your level of SERIOUSNESS is the central part of your preparation. Some students realizes from the beginning of their graduation, that they can do well in technical line while, some realize that later, like, in their last semester. But, the moment you realizes your potential, you have to execute that efficiently. You have to analyse your own improvisation level day by day. This can be done only with the help of the TEST SERIES.

Remember, if you don’t consider this seriously enough, this will get shown in your rank. From your mistakes, you can figure out the portions on which you have to pay focus. Even, you can bookmark certain questions which you think as important. This can help you in the time of revision.If you are determined enough to have success from this GATE exam, you will be motivated from the deep core of your heart and there is no point of demotivation here. The key to your success is that to lay a solid planning of your study schedule so that at the end, you don’t get a rush and that panic. The more you will be calm headed, the better will be your focus. Watch this video below-

KEEPING UP YOUR HOPE ALIVE- this is the toughest challenge to a student. We have seen quite a few students, who after failing in their first attempt in Gate exam, were not willing to sit for the second time with full preparation. But, yes, exceptions are there and that is why many students rank so well in their second attempt. There are only a few of them who achieve success on their first attempt only. Now, it is a fact that, after you complete your engineering from an university, you will have very less opportunities in your field as of today’s job market conditions in India. Even, majority IT companies come to hire engineering students. So, if you are from mechanical or civil background, you will definitely not want to end up in an IT sector. Again, if you see your friends getting hired by IT companies, you feel a little anxiety regarding your future. Gate exams are for those students who want to have in depth knowledge in their technical field and who want to expand their opportunities. For this, your patience is ardent here.

A good friend circle also play a vital role in Gate exams. If you maintain a regular group discussion, you and your friends can benefit from each other greatly. If you are having problem with any particular question, mark that so that you can work on it later. Note the concept regarding how you solved that question so that you can solve the similar ones pretty easily. You must analyse your weak points and strong points. You have to work harder on the weak portions so that as the time gets ahead, your preparation gets compact too. Another thing that you should avoid at the beginning of your preparation is to look at the solutions provided in the test series. No, never do this, as this will kill your own interpretation power. If you did a mistake, solve that with your own capacity. Time management is very crucial. You have to be really quick and while solving questions one by one, you should not think about the earlier questions, this will increase the probability of your mistakes. The biggest thing that you need to crack this exam is undoubtedly your SINCERITY. Do watch this video to know more-

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