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Try this Before Searching for GATE Coaching

Before you search for the best GATE Coaching, attempt the below 3 types of questions and mark your score. This may help you to find the right institute. The level of your preparation like a beginner, intermediate or advanced can give you an idea about the GATE coaching which might suit you the best. The below mentioned questions are from the General Aptitude section. This is the most scoring topic in the GATE exam. The MCQ’s will be provided in the GATE exam. Here we will not be providing you the multiple options. This is to reduce the dependency on the answers provided. However, some questions can be solved by making use of the answers only. For those questions, a simple trick has been given below. The questions along with the detailed answers are as follows;

What will be the maximum sum of 44, 42, 40,……?

This series is an Arithmetic Progression with a difference of 2. The series is having a decrease by 2 and if it progresses like this then it may lead to … 0,-2,-4 and so on. To get the maximum sum we need to take the sum till 0 or 2. The sum will come out to be 506 using the AP sum formulae.

A tourist covers half of his journey by train at 60 km/h, half of the remainder by bus at 30 km/h and the rest by cycle at 10 km/h. The average speed of the tourist in km/h during his entire journey is?

As Speed= Distance/Time and Average speed= Total distance/total time. Consider total distance =X . Therefore, total time = Distance/speed. i.e Total time= X/ (1/2*60 + 1/4*30 + 1/4*10) this will come out to be X/24. Thus, average speed will be 24.

The profile of an arch follows the equation y = 2x – 0.1×2 where y is the height of the arch in meters. The maximum possible height of the arch is?

This question can be solved by hit and trial method (The MCQ’s will be given in the exam). Another short trick is to find the derivative of the same which will come out to be my/dx = 2 – 0.2x. To get the maximum height; 2 – 0.2x = 0 or x=10. Putting the value of x in the equation, we will get y=20-10=10 meters.

Thus, these were the three most important types of questions which are usually asked in GATE Exam. To get GATE coaching from the best institute contact know your tutor as soon as possible. They may help you to get huge discounts as well.

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