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How To Score Great Marks After Failing To Clear In First Attempt Of GATE Exam?

Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering or GATE exam is a very popular exam amongst engineering graduates since it offers opportunities to do M.Tech in IITs and also get jobs in leads PSUs in India. So it’s very natural that lakhs of students appear for this exam and many fail to secure good rank due to high competitiveness and toughness of the exam. There are many students who even after good GATE Exam preparation fail to achieve a good score in the first attempt. So one must not lose heart after a disappointing GATE result. Here are some tips to come out with flying colors in GATE in your next attempt

Analyze your performance
Scrutinize your performance in the previous GATE examination with utmost sincerity and honesty. If you analyze your performance properly then you may find the things that go wrong during the exam. It can be time management, not able to remember formulas, panic, and low confidence. After figuring out the problem areas, you can work on it and solve it. Many GATE Coaching center also understand this problem and help you to manage it while exam preparation.

Study the weak areas and get a firm grip on it
Analyzing previous GATE exam help you to find out many weak areas where you were hardly able to answer any questions. Focus on those weak areas and try to get a grip on those topics by solving questions and problems based on them. You can also take GATE Coaching in Chandigarh to clear your concepts and prepare more nicely.

Introspect your preparation process you followed
Sometimes it has been observed that students tend to take the GATE casually. They don’t prepare a proper timetable and even if they do so, they don’t follow it stringently. If you follow in this category, then you must change your GATE Exam preparation way as soon as possible. For a highly competitive exam like GATE, one needs to be highly disciplined, committed and dedicated to working hard.

Make sure to finish off all the fundamental concepts thoroughly
If you had given your GATE examination in the last year of your graduation, then you might not have got enough time to clear all the underlying concepts required for the GATE. It’s very important to clear and understand the fundamental concepts since GATE tests the level and depth of understanding of various concepts as mentioned in the syllabus. You can also take GATE coaching in Delhi to clear your concepts if you don’t have good GATE classes near your home.

Make notes of various concepts and formulas and highlight the most important ones
You must make notes of various formulas and concepts so that you can take a quick glance at it afterward. Highlighting the most important formulas from each and every topic using highlighter will help you in remembering those formulas during the exam.

Try to take a mock test at the end of every topic
After finishing off one topic, take a short mock test on that topic. Try to attempt and go through as many questions as possible from that topic. The results will show you how much you understood that topic and the regions you still need to go through again.

Revise the concepts as much as possible
Revision is a must for performing well in an exam. You must do your preparation in such a way that you get to revise each and every topic at least twice before the commencement of the GATE examination. Make sure you finish off with books studying and revision by the 1st of January so that you can give yourself at least one full month for giving mock tests before the exam.

Strategize how will you answer the questions in GATE exam
You must set your goals right and then strategize how you are going to answer the questions in the GATE. It’s not mandatory to go for each and every question. A score of around 60-65 is enough to get a rank of below 200. So target few sections which you are very good at and attempt questions based on them at first.

Take help of coaching if you are not able to handle the vastness of GATE syllabus by yourself
The scope of the GATE syllabus is so vast that you may feel out of depth. It’s always a good idea to join a good coaching center. GATE classes not only help you to clear your concept but also help you in how to score well in the exam.

Join an online test series for giving mocking tests
You must give as many mock tests as possible before the exam. Giving mock tests will help you in the time management area and also give you a real exam like environment. This will ensure that next time when you sit for the exam, you are unnerved, calm and composed.

Put more emphasis on easy and high weight topics
It’s highly advisable to make a list of topics from where a high frequency of questions normally come in the GATE. If you can identify those topics properly and master it, you can easily score very good marks on the exam.

Solve the previous years’ question papers to build your confidence
Go through the previous years’ question papers thoroughly. Solving previous years’ question papers will help in building confidence and also identifying and getting accustomed to the pattern of the GATE. Solving previous years’ questions also gives you an idea of what to study more and what can be left out.

If you are honest and sincere with your preparation, then there’s no reason why you cannot secure a good rank in the GATE. So you must not get bogged down by the failure in your first attempt and instead use that energy and motivation to prepare more vigorously by following the above tips for the next year’s GATE exam. Your boat of aspirations and dreams of getting into IIT or getting a good job in a PSU is surely going to sail through.

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