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Best time for GATE Coaching – At 3rd year or after 3rd year?

It is not extremely hard to understand why the number of GATE applicants is going up each year. With so many universities emerging as the givers of engineering degree to the hopeful students, this increase is expected.

We guess you are amongst the one who will pursue engineering as their field of higher studies. Now the question is whether you will start your preparation for the GATE in some GATE Coaching institutes from your 3rd year or 4th year or even later than that.

This is a debatable issue and many different people or the previous students of engineering and those who have given GATE will have different opinions. But the basic thing we suggest is to balance your studies in such a way that neither your GATE preparation nor your regular studies and its exam hampers.

So, how to achieve success without hampering anything?

When you start your preparation at GATE Coaching institute from your 3rd year and will sit for GATE Exam at the end of 4th year, you will get to prepare for 2 long years. That means, along with your regular B.Tech study and exam you can slowly prepare for the GATE.

If you start your preparation from 4th year, you will get 1 year if your plan to sit for GATE is the year you will be giving your 4th year exam. Another option is you can start your GATE Coaching from the start of your 4th year and continue it for 2 years and sit for GATE on the next year of completing your B.Tech.

It is not that everyone needs two years of preparation, but the thing is good as you will need to clear all your semesters with flying marks to get a better career in future. Many of you can manage everything in one year and get good scores in your college exams as well as good score in GATE.

But you should also take care that the studies are not taking toll on your health and you give yourself some breathing time. For best solutions and career advices, talk to your GATE Coaching experts at All the best!

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