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    Tutor ID : TU1393


    Tutor ID : TU1920

    Soorya Academy  Soorya Academy - Coaching Institute for NON-MEDICAL in Panchkula. Contact KnowYourtutor to get Discounts. (Since 2004)

      • Sector 16, Panchkula
    • 8699022999
    • IIT JEE | AIEEE | GATE | Other Engineering Entrance Exams View More


    Tutor ID : TU1949

    Shriganesh Tutorials  Shriganesh Tutorials - Coaching Institute for CAT, MAT, GATE, MBA, BBA, BCA, B.TECH in Panchkula. Contact KnowYourtutor to get Discounts. (Since 1998)

      • Sector 11, Panchkula
    • 9316047962
    • Class X | Class Xl | Class Xll | CAT | MAT | MBA | BBA | GATE | BCA | B.Tech View More

    Why should you choose GATE as a career and join GATE Coaching?

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    Best time for GATE Coaching – At 3rd year or after 3rd year?

    This is a debatable issue and many different people or the previous students of engineering and those who have given GATE will have different opinions. But the basic thing we suggest…

    GATE Exam Time Table 2018

    You do not have to wait much as this is the month of May and exam dates of GATE 2018 will be declared when the notification will be released in July 2017…