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IELTS Coaching Guidance – Solve Common Speaking Problem

Each section of the speaking test in IELTS exam asks you to speak in different way, slightly. You have your IELTS Coaching to trains you to speak differently. But those who haven’t, we will tell them.

The need of speaking differently means you have to prepare different strategies and techniques for each section. Here are some of the ideas we have for some common problems.

Extend your answer

One of the sections needs extending your answer. But too long answers are also not acceptable. To extend answer just answer the question directly and then explain it in short statements. Just try to keep the structure of the answer according to the question asked and the score is yours.

Another possible solution of extending your answer is giving comparisons. This technique works well when you are asked regarding your habits or about your country people. Both of these are very common question.

Speaking for 2 minutes

It’s vital that you must avoid being penalized in the section for lack of fluency. You will get one minute preparation time for the section of “speaking for two minutes.” The foremost thing you can do at your IELTS Coaching institute is that learn how to use your one minute preparation time strategically.

Concentrate on ideas about the topic and not the words you will speak. Ideas will enable you to speak better during the 2 minutes time.

Thinking and speaking

When asked a question, do not jump to answer it immediately. Think and then start speaking at a slow pace. Practice this strategy at home and at your IELTS Coaching. Use your ideas to answer each question. And like we have mentioned in the second point of this post, forming ideas beforehand always make you speak better.

Hence, if you are taking up the IELTS exam in the next 2 to 3 months, start practicing with these solutions now at your IELTS Coaching institute. All the best from Know Your Tutor team!

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