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Frequently Asked Questions – IELTS

Hello there!

Before you think of attempting an entrance test for anything, you tend to do all the research work about the exam. And these researches take a lot of your precious time.

Same thing goes for IELTS, International English Language Testing System. You might have search that this is the entrance test you need to sit for if you want to go abroad for higher studies or job. But you do not have enough information about the test or its procedures or marking system.

You start browsing the net or asking questions to others who have already taken the test, but cannot gather enough information from one single place. The result is you are now confused like hell.

So, what is the solution now? Where will you get all your answers? Where will you clear your doubts? Where will you get all the things in one place?

Breathe! We are here for you. Being associated with has its own benefit for you as the aspirant of IELTS. Are you thinking what the benefit of staying close to us is? We will tell you!

We have arranged to answer all of the questions that are asked most often by those taking IELTS, so that they do not have to search for the answers here and there. We believe you will find all the answers about IELTS you’re looking for here:

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