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5 Myths About IELTS Exam that You Need to Know

Preparing in IELTS Coaching is the best solution for a student if he or she has made his/her mind to move abroad for higher studies or job. But during the start of the preparation, they come across many myths concerning the exam and they become a hindrance in their preparation.

Sometimes the students tend to mix the facts with myths. The thing is that students might find quite a few personal opinions in the midst of facts. They should be aware of these myths and believe details about IELTS based only on facts uncovered from their own research.

Here a list of 5 myths of the exam:

Myth 1: To clear IELTS speaking test a student needs to be expert in foreign accents

This is not the fact. The vital point to score in speaking test is to communicate confidently and clearly. Students are expected to keep their accent normal and natural. This helps the examiners in understanding and evaluating the level of English language proficiency of the examinee. The IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula guide students in delivering comprehensive content at the exam and score well.

Myth 2: IELTS is harder than other English exams

Most of the globally recognized institutions accept and acknowledge IELTS test for recruitment process and admission. IELTS is a globally acclaimed test and most recommended across the globe for global migration. These are the fact of IELTS. But this doesn’t make it harder than any other English tests. It is as tough as the tests are. Students must remember to prepare well with the guidance of their IELTS Coaching.

Myth 3: The most crucial part to score well in IELTS exam is quality and not the time

This is not true. Time is an important factor for scoring in the IELTS test. Quality is vital too but if a student is not able to complete the 4 sections in the given time, scoring well will be difficult. Learning how to manage time in IELTS Coaching should be the goal of students from day one

Myth 4: One can take the IELTS exam once in lifetime

Not at all! There is not count or an age limit to sit in the IELTS exam. Just one thing should be kept in mind, each time a student prepares to appear in the exam, he or she requires to pay registration fees for it.

Myth 5: In writing section, one can score more marks by surpassing the word limits

Beware and do not try this trick. Surpassing word limits can even bring a zero score to a student. Writing less than the given word limit can bring less score. But surpassing it will be foolishness on the part of the student. It is wastage of time and in this exam where time management is crucial, a student should not attempt exceeding the word limits.

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