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10 Fundamental Tips to Score Well in GATE Exam

This year the GATE exam has been over. Many of you have taken it for the first time while many have attempted for the second time. Our post is for those first timers who will attempt it the next year or the second time and aim a sure shot entry at reputed engineering colleges.

Well, you might be already busy with your GATE Coaching institute for exam preparation but we are here to suggest some basic tips following which you can score the best. Read on:

  • The preparation time for GATE relies on many factors, like your aptitude, attitude, concentration level, fundamentals, etc. Improve them and select your GATE Coaching wisely.
  • Plan a rigorous preparation of four to six months taking the necessary help from your GATE Coaching. Cover all your weak parts of studies.
  • Refer to GATE syllabus and the use the previous years’ question papers to analyse the exam pattern and prepare according to that.
  • It is vital to be aware of what to study, yet it is more vital to understand what not to study. Do not waste your time studying the unnecessary things.
  • A clear knowledge of the fundamental concepts is a compulsory element as the questions asked during GATE exam will evaluate your depth and level of understanding of concepts thoroughly.
  • Prepare a clean list of the topics needed to be studied based on the number of the questions in the previous years’ GATE examinations have been asked from the topics.
  • Categorize the topics which have brought more marks as well as give them more importance during your preparation.
  • Prepare a timetable to study the topics and strictly follow it. Ensure to highlight the important points such as equations, key definitions, theorems, laws, derivations, etc with a highlighter.
  • Make a small notebook for taking the very important notes from your GATE Coaching. This will help you in the last minute study.
  • Assign preparation time to the subjects according to the number and the frequency of questions appeared in previous examinations.

Follow these fundamental steps and you will be flying high with good score in the GATE exam. Do not forget to work on the major suggestions from your GATE Coaching as well.

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