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Know the Credit System to Study Abroad

Know the Credit System to Study Abroad

When students plan to study abroad, they are already excited to reach a new land. This excitement may distract them from taking note of the evaluation process which they will be witnessing there. The education has a different approach in abroad. This approach helps a student to understand the evaluation process. The progress is thus easily analyzed by the student. This helps him to work on his weakness and take confidence from the strong skills. This approach is called Academic Credit system. This is a system of evaluation which is being used by the universities abroad.
The academic program needs to be accessed by the concerned university. This is done for accessing the student’s performance and skills. The assessment of knowledge and skills is done by combining the below-mentioned pointers;

All the tests which are being taken during the academic program

The attendance of the students plays a very important role. Students tend to ignore this but the International students should always keep this in mind while planning their studies abroad.
All the result and response of the various examinations. There could be oral as well as written.
The research work /the project works done during the ongoing academic session
Their credits are directly proportional to the amount of effort which a student puts in the above-mentioned pointers.

Here we will be sharing Academic credit system for Australia and America;

Australia: Here the evaluation is based on the workload, study hours and the course opted by the student. The credit points required for the undergraduate programs are 144 and for the postgraduate programs, it is 96 credit points. There is also the possibility to transfer credit points.

United States of America: Here the academic credit is based on the credit hours. A student needs to spend at least 120-130 hours for a bachelor’s degree and 30-64 for a master’s degree.
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