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Preparing for IAS? Feeling Drained? Rejuvenate and Detox the Stress Out of Your System

To become an IAS officer is a dream come true. Every year lakhs of students appear for this nerve wrecking competitive exam and out of which only a hundred people gets selected. It is but obvious that as the exam is going to come nearer you will face anxieties, insecurities; constant worrying keeping you stressed all the time. Students get the best coaching they can like the IAS coaching in Chandigarh, and Delhi which is said to be the go to place for clearing this exam.

According to science stress is good as it’s seen in some individuals that when they are under pressure they work extremely well proved in a study conducted. But then there are some individuals who if kept under pressure, they simply lose it; concentration level drops considerably and fear kicks in; fear of failing, facing the relatives, parents and for some it becomes too much to handle that they decide to end their lives. Well, those who do, they never deserved to be an IAS officer anyway as you can’t be of that mentality that quits and gives up too easily on life.

Detox recipes for your brain:

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. Have you ever heard of this proverb? Something we learnt in school. Don’t let yourself become dull. A time comes that you are only reading and gathering information but your brain isn’t registering any of it because of too much stress that you are putting yourself into. Has it ever happened that you keep on mugging and cramming things, practicing as much as you can but still you are forgetful? It is because your brain never did cram that you were trying to stuff so hard. What happens when you throw all the clothes in your cupboard haphazardly? Similar thing happens with you. When you are studying for hours and hours but not making room for play you will feel fatigue, tiredness and bored all the time. It’s necessary for you to engage in exercise, yoga, physical activity as it raises oxygen level in our body that energizes us and keeps us active. Those people who follow a daily routine of exercising are much more active than those who are not because exercise helps keep oxygen level in our blood stream in optimum amounts helping in keeping us healthy and energized.

Eat less stay light! :  Indulge in eating less than your hunger. For example if you feel you are hungry to eat 3 chapattis, eat 2 in that case; one or half less then what you require. This helps in getting away with the laziness. Those who eat less seem to be working more. Try it and you will know. Your diet should incorporate all the essential nutrients. It should have good amount of fibre that comes from grains, salad and fruits. Fibre ensures that your guts would stay clean; a healthy stomach leads to a healthy mind.

Take Naps in between. Shorts naps helps to get fresh and this is the reason that dream companies to work in like Google, Facebook etc. have sleeping pods installed for their staff members, to go and have a 15 min nap whenever required. Studies have proved that naps are so effective in improving work efficiency that you feel healthy, lighter, and happy in your work environment. So why not learn from this and give us the nap times that would help us concentrate better. The IAS institutes help students to get in handy with some tips like these and experiment with it to see what suits them. Those preparing for IAS exams, or various other competitive exams pursuing NDA coaching in Chandigarh, JEE, GATES exam etc. should understand that your body needs to relax or it would shut down like a computer system.

Chant the mantra of happiness! Pamper yourself with inspirational stories every now and then or indulge in hobbies like painting, listening music, gardening, crafting, cooking etc. When we are engaged in such chores that makes us feel light and happy, it helps us keep away from the negative thoughts and fears instead ensures that we are only focusing on the right things. If you don’t give time to negativity and insecurities that will add extra time to your preparation, isn’t it?

Potions and Pills:  Instead of overdosing yourself on teas, coffees, alcohol or sleeping pills that most people fall prey to, you should choose the right kinds of potions and pills for your body and by that it simply means that take your daily nutritional supplements like calcium, B complex, D3, Iron etc. For potions step away from over indulgence in teas and coffees, choose healthier options like a glass of fresh juice or lavender infused in boiling water with a little bit of honey helps you keep relaxed and active. It is surprisingly beneficial as lavender has some antioxidants that helps relax our body.

Schedule yourself! You got to manage your time well. If you want to achieve anything in life, there has to be a system that you should follow whatever suits you according to your lifestyle. You must get up on time, do the activities required, give time to yourself apart from studying and remember that it is the little things in life that gives us happiness the most and that is what we are striving for anyway, isn’t it? So you must know how to bring a system in life. Another thing that students find difficult while managing their time is that now they are always worrying about that they will run out of it. How funny is that? First you make a time table and then you worry about following the time table and end up running out of time every single day. Here is a tip for you, if you want to save time stop obsessing about it and only focus on working hard that is it!

Memorize these 6 pointers and feel blessed at all times that you have a life to live. Don’t be afraid of failure in life. Try and try until you succeed as there is no end to experimentation. It is not failing that makes us a failure but quitting surely does.  Nothing is the end of the world; one thing doesn’t work out the other will. Dream but don’t obsess about it! Work hard for it and let time play its course. Your dedication will surely pay at the end.

All the best and manage yourself to manage your stress as only you have the key to put an end to this vicious cycle. Unlock your mind to new possibilities and feel the little things around you.

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