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Myths about IAS Exam that Needs to be Debunked

IAS is the toughest competitive exam. No, preparing for IAS consumes a lot of time. No, cracking IAS needs luck. You may have so many statements about IAS exam but are unable to distinguish between which of them are true and which are myths. The most embarrassing thing is that most of what you hear is myths. Here are some myths about IAS that needs to be debunked.

You need to sweat for years to be successful in the exam

If you have a smart approach and winnable strategy, then you will not have to struggle to crack it. A combination of commitment, hard work, patience, and sincerity can work wonders. Take advantage of IAS Coaching in Chandigarh to overcome all hurdles.

Only students with engineering background have the edge

It is true to some extent that students coming from the engineering background have a slight advantage, as there was a time when the IAS Prelims had a CSAT Paper 2 (Aptitude Paper) which was an easy pushover for the majority of the engineers or math enthusiasts! But things have changed since then.

Even general students can also leverage by pulling off the exam. They too stand a chance to pull a rabbit out of a hat with a well-planned strategy and right approach. They need to prepare in advance to go all the way.

Mock tests are useless

If you think practical mock tests are useless think again? To make your numerous hours of preparation useful, it is vital to undergo mock tests. It will boost your confidence and morale to a great extent.IAS coaching in Chandigarh can provide you the best tips and guidance to come up trumps.

Non-English medium candidates are losers

The language is never the impediment when it comes to cracking IAS, however low confidence can be. It is true that command over the English language is essential but if you come from non-English medium academic background, you can still enrich your skills with regular practice. Improve your syntax and vocabulary skills to get outstanding results.

Choosing a less popular optional subject is a winning strategy

This is another big myth that needs to be busted big time. You must realize that the number of candidates to be selected for a specific optional subject is directly proportional the number of students who selected for it.

Listening to news bulletin is a must to increase knowledge in current affairs

Focus on issues rather than news. Stay abreast of current a matter that is taking the world by storm, and for this, it is necessary to listen to news bulletin all the time. You can gather valuable information on the internet as well as other printed resources.

But the above myths and start working hard for IAS. Exceed your own expectations and become a topper.

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