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IAS Coaching Tips for IAS Exam

To this date, IAS is the first career choice of many students in India. Most of you take training from various IAS Coaching institutes to prepare. But have you ever thought what it requires to become an IAS officer?

Leave about what it takes! Today we are here to make you aware of some tips which will take you to the entrance door of IAS career. Are you ready to hear out those tips? Stay with us:

Tips #1

Before joining an IAS Coaching for the preparation or before even start thinking about IAS, ask yourself “Do I have the thirst to become an IAS?” If you have the positive vibes in you and your inner self screams, “Yes, I dream to be an IAS Officer and I will work very hard and earn my dream”, half of your career is set. This thing acts as mantra in you.

Tips #2

Start gathering info about the past years of the IAS exam from the one who have already attempted the exam. Of course, most of the information will be provided by your IAS Coaching but you also try to gather some from your end.

Tips #3

Begin reading English newspapers regularly. Turn it into a habit to write notes on vital news reports. Buy Year Book for news of the year.

Tips #4

Choose good IAS Coaching institute which offers experienced teachers, study plan, study materials and good classmates.

Tips #5

Make a good study plan. Take the assistance of your IAS Coaching Institute and the tutors to make you a smart and workable study plan.

Tips #6

There will be lure to give up the hard work and journey as you will slowly progress in the preparation of the exam. Wondering, who will lure you? Your inner self! This is mostly due to the vast syllabus and the mounting pressure of the exam.

But remember, these are key moments in IAS. You must face these pressures with patience and courage. Be determined! Remember your mantra, the one in Tips#1 and success will be yours!

Work hard and continue your preparation with your IAS Coaching until you sit for the exam and make it a target to clear IAS in the first attempt. In short, keep your target high.

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