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Fortunes 500’s take on Social Media and Blogging

Social Media and blogging are two factors that you simply can’t ignore. Fortune 500 recent studies has proven the fact that both social media and blogging are the deciding factors to uplift one’s business online. On top of the list that surmounts the advertising strategies of every prominent company known today are Facebook and Youtube. There is no match on how these two influences its users. So every now and then Digital marketers work dedicatedly in order to optimise and use these platforms for the benefit of the company and aims at popularising it through such Medias. It is important to hire someone to do it for you as despite the knowledge that you might posses but there are subjugations that is needed to be worked on and here we require experience and expertise. SEO Company in Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Delhi are pioneers in this department and have made a reputation for themselves in today’s digital world.

So let’s understand the core basics of how companies benefit from Blogging and Social Media Platforms.
Concept of blogging: The main focus today that marketing industry is channelizing itself is on content creation. Earlier it wasn’t something the companies were putting their thought into but now as more and more people are becoming tech savvy, are using their tabs, smart phones, laptops etc. it has become inevitable that content creation has to become a centre for describing the product, promoting it and talking about it for the viewers to get interested in. Blogging engages people and efforts are made in order to make blog in a way that it sounds informative and catchy. Not only this, you can also use blogging as a medium to advertise. People get motivated to click on such ads depending upon how much interest gets created for a brand or a company and can also get them a good earning through PPC i.e. Pay Per Click; an additional bonus to creating a blog.

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Everyone can have a blog whether you make it for commercial purposes i.e. for promoting your company, enterprises; business etc. or you make it for personal use maybe for letting your thoughts out or are aspiring to communicate globally through your writings etc. The reasons can be many. It benefits in order to grab the attention at a wider pace and increases the possibility for the productivity of your project.

Social Media: It holds the maximum outcome if you chose to publicise your company on social networking websites. Facebook and Youtube have created a complete frenzy for the business merchandises to target the users and strategise to lure them in onto their websites or for product promotion etc. Facebook also allows businesses to run on its platform and asks you to use it to advertise your products as well. Today small scale sets ups are seen increasing day by day and choosing Facebook as a platform for promotion and selling. Youtube is a sensation and is trickier too for promoting one’s brand. The only reason is that you would need creative ideas for this plan to function. Digital Marketing in Chandigarh has resources to create videos and film it in a way that your product shines. It is all about ideas. You can create an ad film for every different product that you are selling, create interest among the viewers, engage them maybe through promotional offers, coupons, some contests, polling etc. because the more viewers would involve with your company it is going to benefit in captivating their interest thereby helping you to increase the sales greatly.

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The list that Fortune 500 revealed for the companies that were active on social media platforms ranges from 67 to 97 percent which included Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Youtube which are used massively. Now, this is a huge number as it shows so many people are active on such websites and how important it is for your business in order to maintain it and to enter mainstream fundamentals to use these platforms to their advantage.

Both social media and blogging go hand in hand as every company requires a website and every website has a blog. People who are visiting your website will want to go through your blog as well to know about your company more and this reciprocates well when you use social media platforms for promotion. The statistics have shown the outcomes very well and it is enough to be a reason to start thinking about it for your business to be acknowledged largely.

These platforms target the needs of their users and show them the related advertisements. They keep track of what the user is searching online and show them what they want. This redirects to the website of the company and generates not only traffic but helps incur maximum sales. For the year 2018, the branding companies should focus greatly on their product promotion on Facebook, Youtube and generate a healthy blog. You will require off-site and on-site optimisation as that helps in good page rank of your website which means better chances for traffic and that will help in popularising your brand and also generate a fan base through inspirational ads especially pertaining to some kind of social message which is catchy and something that holds good intentions.

The field of marketing is such that you are constantly working in ways and means which are innovative and unique and for that you are always thinking of ideas that will help your business. How to present your ideas through media and blogging is the challenge and how well you are able to do so is an art that requires time and effort to come to its colours where it is in focus and everything else is an illusion.
This is technical and not easy to do something on your own if that is how you have been working till now. To catch attention is not easy. Your brand should be active on Medias like these making sure of interaction with the public. The more you are able to do so the better it is. You will require an SEO company to guide your company through so don’t wait for some magic to happen. Get in touch with digital marketing companies and get your business up and running.

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