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Is Branding different from Marketing?

There is no doubt about the fact that “branding” and “marketing” both go hand in hand. While marketing can be done for anything one wants to promote but when it comes to branding, it will always require marketing strategies to popularise. The method to use can be any whether Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing or best still using both which will bring a much greater audience and be a bonus for promoting your brand name creating an identity for your business. Digital Marketing in Chandigarh is the best way to start; they are clear, on point and have been successfully helping brands no matter how big or small to earn a name for themselves.

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Digital Marketers to help you create a brand name work on:

Brand Name; that includes understanding your company’s vision, agenda and goal.

Platforms for popularising your agenda; social media networking websites like Facebook, instagram, Google Plus and twitter on the main front and other medias for press release and blogging. Apart from this they use traditional marketing methods as well like promoting and advertising through newspapers, television and radio announcements. Some kind of promotion also include distributing flyers and brochures etc.

Content Creation; includes write ups, advertisement making and video sharing through different social media channels. Today everybody is on YouTube, so one of the core things that Digital marketing experts work on is creating your brand’s YouTube channel to help spread the word and be innovative and product promotion.

Statistics Observance; One of the important factors a good Digital Marketer works on is observing the statistics, trends the people following in, manoeuvring the audiences and data management etc. that will help the brand name to grow and frame strategies that would work best for the company.

Website Building: In today’s tech savvy world you have to have a website for your brand as more the people are intimidated the more they would want to explore your company’s name and what you sell. With website comes SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimisation. For people to know you, your website should be able to popup when the product that you are selling is searched. This requires a great deal of expertise and experience as search engines are always updating their policies making it difficult for the websites to flourish as the competition is rising each year more than ever. It is advisable that you hire a SEO Company in Chandigarh as they are the best people to seek help from. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

It is pretty evident from above that branding cannot work without marketing and how can it? If people don’t know what your company and business is up for you can never raise an audience for yourself and be able to sell your products no matter how wonderful and valuable they might be.

To put it in lay man’s language, “Branding” stands for:

What your company is?
Who you people are?
What you are trying to sell?
How can you be different from other in the market?
Why is your product worth promoting?
Who is sponsoring you?
Are you the first kind in the market?
Who you people are channelling with?
How many links you have with other prominent people?
Do you have a campaign?
Is your brand politically motivated?
Are you doing charity as well?
Is your brand in norms with the society?

And the questions are endless in this regard. The better you are able to aware about yourself and your company, the better a brand name would be built. Observe the famous brands around you; they always have an agenda and campaign they are working in premises with. This campaign is often socially motivated issue and they strive to be doing something good in the society in aid of their brand. This helps to create faith and authenticity in the mind of people. A clever way of marketing though but it is all good if you are along with your brand promotion are able to do contribute well for the society. It’s a win-win situation.

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Let us learn how campaigning helps branding?

Campaigning includes:

Spreading your brand vision
Linking your brand with emotions. It is sad but true that emotions do sell. So if your brand is linked with sensitive issues of the society, people will be motivated to buy your products. Every brand needs a fanbase and this is the best way to manipulate the masses for your business.

Linking and fetching a political background for your agenda. In India politics has a huge impact and you can’t ignore the innumerable possibilities that one can get if your campaign becomes politically motivated. Not much is talked about it but it is true. It is something to be thought about and once you do you will be clear what resources you have at hand.

Campaigning involves traditional marketing strategies and here you will need a Digital Marketing Expert that can work in coordination with campaigning team because whatever you will do and be able to fetch in, it will be important for the people to know in order to benefit your brand worldwide and here only a Digital marketer can help.

“Branding is brand promotion through marketing strategies.” The shortest definition you will find on the internet but with far much deeper meaning and work that involves getting it done. If you look at people who gained significant importance, their statistics started rising only after they decided to be responsive towards the internet brand. Everyone is improvising and trying to make a name and a following for themselves today. They are using twitter handles, facebook pages and YouTube Channels to spread new products, changes and announcements to makes through theses mediums apart from the television off course. Even the oldest of brands those who are popular enough to not need any promotion has seen decrease in their sales because the new ones are popularizing so fast and so to up their game they are descending to the Digital Marketing medium as well.

This is enough to be an evidence to explain how branding and marketing go hand in hand.

Be receptive and get going!

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