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How is Digital Marketing different from Traditional Marketing?

Marketing strategies over the years have evolved considerably with the advent of internet and it is no surprise that the growth in this sector will reach new tangents as the world advances. Digital Marketing is this new era’s necessary mechanism that one has to get a hold of. To understand the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing, you would need to understand what the two means in totality of their functions that they serve your business with.

Traditional Marketing:

The word itself depicts the marketing strategy that is traditional in nature. To put it in other words it would mean a marketing style that is opaque and uses limited media. It includes advertising through television, radio announcements, brochures, pamphlets, and billboards.
Advertisement through newspapers was and still is an adequate way of marketing and every company no matter how big or small do approach newspapers for the launch of their products and business promotions.

  Digital Marketing:

“Digital” set of signal or data transmitted through digital media. The marketing through digital media is much advance and comes with innumerable possibilities so much so that you cannot put an end to what it hold and offers at large to the audiences worldwide. It includes using social media networking websites like Google Plus, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, twitter etc. where you can create your official company’s page, post pictures, advertise and use their aid promotion feature. These sites help you earn leads and create a fanbase for your brand that would mean increase in you sales as well because as many will be the people connecting with your business, as many would be your chances for increasing your sales.
Apart from social media networking, there is blogging on company’s website and other channels to spread the word in order to promote your brand, email marketing that offers subscription and helps audiences to keep connecting with you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a major task that will help you get noticed in the digital marketing area. This field surely requires expertise. If you are aware of this well then you can do it yourself but the chances for your brand to come up on the first 10 pages of the search engine would be bleak compared to the expertise you can hire for the company. We advise you to get the best SEO Company in Chandigarh as they are the masters in this trade. It includes a lot of work and only an experiences digital marketer can work sharply in achieving your company the brand name you are looking for. The field of SEO includes:

Content Creation
Advertising on various social media channels
Video Making
Email Marketing
On-site and off-site optimisation
Directory submissions
Back linking
Page Rank improvement strategies

These are the basic things that SEO Company works on but there is lot more to it that goes unnoticed through general public but which a Digital Marketer is well aware of. You should search for the top SEO Company in Chandigarh and get the maximum benefit before your risk jeopardising your online business reputation.

Digital marketing is a must for increasing your business reputation because people find internet and social medias to be more convenient for getting information. Internet has made life so easy that everything that you want to search enquires, get information about, or just browse through new things is only one click away. Smart phones, tablets and other digital media gadgets has made the task even more flexible and less time consuming as all you need to know is just one tap away. So how can one not maintain online business reputation? It is essential and cannot be avoided.

Now, that you are clear about the basics of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing, let draw a comparison and see what they offer and what their limitations are.

Traditional MarketingDigital Marketing
Local marketing: You can only target your local areas or adjoining for campaigning when it comes to flyers, brochures or pamphlets. Even television ads have to be limited as otherwise the cost would increase considerably.Mass Marketing: There is no end to how far your product can be advertised as internet is a global platform. You can publicise your brand hugely through digital media marketing.
One Way Marketing: It is passive, as you don’t know the opinion of the public that you are targeting. You are only promoting your brand but there is no feedback that would help you cater to their needs or strategise better. This makes it opaque in nature.Two Way Marketing: It is active, as social media is advance and whenever a brand promotes its products it comes with number of views, comments, rating and feedbacks. Not only this, you can start a poll and know better what people think about it. This also makes it transparent.
Expensive: To reach people through advertisement on television is an expensive process, putting out flyers and brochures, putting up billboards will require quite an investment.Low Cost: You can use paid promotions and enlist your brand wherever you like and the cost would be far less than the traditional marketing methods.

 Digital Marketing has undoubtedly more perks than Traditional Marketing but having said that it cannot be avoided that both will be required to captures and gather maximum audience for the promotion of your brand.

The correct way would be that on the launch of your brand you initially do advertise on television, invest on radio announcements, newspapers, put out brochures etc. and side by side get active on social media platforms as well to make an online reputation.

Once you are live on internet, after the initial focus on traditional ways for people to get aware of the product, now you should emphasise on targeting audiences on social networking websites and create a following. This way you wouldn’t need to use expensive traditional advertising methods and use this strategy cleverly only on the launch of something new in your company. Once you have a name, then Digital Marketing would suffice your needs and help you maintain your sales.

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