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Difficulty Finding Tutors?

If you are student and you are finding difficulty searching for a tutor near you then there is good news for you. There is a platform where you can search for a tutor and get discounts on getting admission. How phenomenal is that? KnowYourTutor has been helping students ever since it got established to help them get the best coaching whether you are looking for Competitive Exam Coaching, English Language Test Training, Business Courses, and even classes on Hobbies and other interests. To get a tutor can be hard and KnowYourTutor best understands that. They don’t imply in any way for free education but they are constantly working hard to bring education at your doorstep and make it inexpensive yet innovative.

The biggest problem with our system is that despite the huge talent we hold, still there is dearth of opportunities and employment. KnowYourTutor helps you make a living out of your passion. This implies to all the passionate people out there who can teach their valuable knowledge. You don’t have to be a trained teacher to get leads on KYT. If you have the passion and are capable, KYT invites you to use their platform and make it yours fully. You will be allowed to register for free, post advertisements and gather leads for your institution, tutoring or home based coaching; whatever it is that you are looking forward to. KYT will help you promote on their website and will pop up your advertisements according to the search of the student. It is that easy! KnowYourTutor is one medium from where you can earn that extra additional income aprt from your regular job or if you don’t have a job you can make this your full time career as there always will be students needing best tutoring channels around them.

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Students on the other hand gets plethora of opportunities to choose from around India. You can be from wherever; you will get the search for the best tutors near you. At KnowYourTutor we help you not only find Tutors, but also let you browse through their medium to get online study material according to your course and study varied apart from your text books. To be a topper you need to have a wide horizon and text books is part of it but not whole to help you rise and shine. You must gather as much student material according to your course as you can for you to stand out from the rest.

So let us see how KnowYourTutor helps create a handshake between a student and the tutor.

Tutors to register online at KYT for free: As discussed above, if you are passionate and willing to work you don’t need a professional training course to teach at KYT. If you think you are good and have time to spare to teach students who are willing to make a mark, KYT is the place for you. You can register anytime from anywhere at KnowYourTutor absolutely free. It lets you advertise your coaching services on whatever subject you choose to teach. If there is a workshop or seminar you want to conduct, it helps you to get the leads for that as well.  KYT is the place for you to get quick and massive leads in a short amount of time.

Helps students not only get Tutors but get Discounts as well: Students on choosing their field of course, KnowYourTutor helps them to get discounts on enrolment. The discounts stands limited, so it is best advised to get into the procedure as soon as the advertisements open in order for you to avail the offer.

Connects the student with the Tutor directly: At KnowYourTutor, they only aim at establishing a connection between you and you Tutor. Once you sign up with them, there get established a direct contact between you and the institution you choose to join and KYT has no play in it whatsoever. They only aim at bringing the two together.

Coaching on Various Courses and Exam Preparations: KnowYourTutor is vast in terms of courses and coaching offered on their platform. Some of the main coaching available apart from others are:

Gate Coaching
IAS Coaching
Bank PO Coaching
UGC NET Coaching
IELTS Coaching
PTE Coaching
NDA Coaching
CLAT Coaching
CAT Coaching
SSC CGL Coaching

And the list is endless. They even help you get into Yoga Classes, Painting Classes and other non-conventional courses.

To Conduct Workshops: KnowYourTutor let you conduct workshops and seminars according to your need. For artists it is wonderful platform to conduct workshops and help art enthusiast to learn various techniques and get leads for your painting classes. Workshops and seminars help in spreading the word among the students and interested candidates. That way you can incur more leads and make a living out of it.

Online Study Material 

As a tutor you can publish online lectures, articles, videos and blogs to help students learn and also in return they will get interested in your institute. It all depends upon your tutoring lesson as to how good you are in conveying your teachings across. Students can assess and judge you and it can help you get leads quite fast. As for the student, they get knowledge from wonderful sources that too for free.

KYT CRM app: KnowYourTutor has developed a wonder CRM app that will help the tutor manage their leads from anywhere around the world. If you are running an institution then this app can be an ultimate personal assistant that you would ever need. You can deploy various teachers their separate departments under one app where the teachers will be able to control and manage their leads accordingly and record as much data as needed. It also helps you with reminders as it has automated popup notification system where you can enter on the calendar a particular note and that will get popped up when required accordingly. This way you will not miss a thing ever!

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No hard copies required, no registers to be maintained, just one app and everything gets sorted.

KnowYourTutor is turning itself to be a one of a kind pan-brand of India in a short while of it existence. Be a part of it and contribute your bit in revolutionizing the education system in India.

Let us make education possible to every child as it’s their basic right!

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