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10 Synonyms for Increasing Your Score in IELTS Exam

Now when you have already learned tricks for IELTS Writing, Idioms and Vocabulary, let’s take a step forward and learn the most used synonyms for your coming IELTS exam. I am sure that you understand the meaning of word synonyms (a word that means nearly the same as another word). KnowYourTutor has come up with a series of blogs that is a boon for those who are preparing for IELTS exam. If you are aware of these below-mentioned synonyms than you can apply them while giving the speaking as well as writing an exam. Here is a list of 10 common synonyms that can be used to improve the IELTS overall score. Each word has been used in a sentence for you to understand it better:

10 synonyms for increasing your score in IELTSone pen,one child,and one


1.     Attractive / Appealing
The examiner seems to be very attractive (Appealing)

2.    Start /Begin
The exam will start (begin) at 10 A.M

3.    Bad/imperfect
They have a bad (imperfect) habit of rubbing my nose.

4.    Beautiful/exquisite
The way to a beautiful (exquisite) life is to Smile.

5.    Describe/Characterise
Describe (characterize) the best moments of your life?

6.    Famous/eminent
I dream to become a famous (eminent) personality.

7.    Help/assist
Please help (assist) me with this question.

8.    Hide/conceal
Never hide (conceal) your fears.

9.    Important/ vital
Who is the most important (vital) person in your life?

10.    Use/ exhaust
Don’t use (exhaust) all your money in one go!

These were the 10 synonyms which you can practice using in your daily routine. Once they become a part of your vocabulary, you will be fluent in your speaking.
The blog series compiled by Knowyourtutor for IELTS exam is getting a good response. We would like to appreciate everyone reading our blog series for the zeal to learn new things. Any suggestions for the next topic are welcome.
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