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English Speaking Course – Guide to Improve Your English

Whether you are preparing for CLAT, CAT, GRE or GATE, English Speaking Course is a must. After cracking the written exam, each one of you has to go through the interview round, where English speaking is necessary.

And so you need to join the best English Speaking Course in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula to improve your weakness in the subject.

Apart from getting the necessary guidance from your English Speaking Course classes, follow these tips to learn speaking as well as writing:

  • You are bound to make mistakes as a learner, so stop worrying about making them. Worrying about mistakes will be a hindrance in your learning.
  • Take your time to learn and have patience. It is not a task of one day.
  • Learn proverbs and phrases. They can prove useful in multiple situations.
  • Learn how to greet people properly. Interview round will need that.
  • Do not hurry with words. Talk carefully and slowly.
  • Gain your confidence before using complex sentences. If you are not comfortable, stick to the use of simple sentences.
  • Be careful about your pronunciation. Ask your English Speaking Course mentor to guide you.
  • Carefully monitor how your English Speaking Course mentors and other experts pronounce the words and frame sentences.
  • Ask your English Speaking Course mentors, relative and friends to point out your errors and correct them.
  • Practice is essential. Speak in English regularly.
  • Record yourself reading articles aloud daily. Concentrate on your pronunciation, clarity, emphasis and speed.
  • Practice with your English Speaking Course mentor.
  • Learn a new word daily. This will increase your vocabulary and every week you can learn seven words really well.
  • Watching English movies with subtitles is effective in learning English.
  • Read English magazines and books.
  • Read English newspaper daily.
  • Watch English shows.
  • Follow pocket dictionary to get meanings of words quickly.
  • When you learn or hear of a new word, attempt to search its use and its antonyms.

Best of luck from the team of English Speaking Course in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula!

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