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Recall Idioms for IELTS Exam : A Fun Method!

“Many moons ago, I tried to reach for the moon. I was over the moon to ask for the moon. Because, once in a blue moon, I promise the moon not to ask for the moon.”

It seems like an encrypted code that is too difficult to understand. I wrote it just to confuse you!! Read it again while applying some logic and then you will be able to understand it a bit more.


For further understanding, let’s decode it!

Many Moons Ago: A long time ago

Reach for the Moon: achieve something that is difficult

Over the Moon: to be very happy

Ask for the Moon: asking for something that is difficult to get.

Once in a Blue Moon: Very rarely

Promise the Moon: making an extravagant promise

If you try to put the meanings of these English Idioms into the para again it will turn out to be something like;

A long time ago, I tried to achieve something that was too difficult to get. I was very happy to ask for something difficult. Because very rarely I make an extravagant promise to myself to not ask for difficult things. SO SIMPLE…

Metaphor: A long time ago, you may have tried to score 8 in IELTS exam. You were too happy to do it because you always set a higher bar for yourself. Take it as an encouragement and go ahead with your preparation.

While you are preparing for your IELTS exam, Institutes providing IELTS coaching in Chandigarh might teach you many things. But, know your tutor lets you recall things in a fun way which are otherwise hard to remember. You know what? You have already added 6 idioms to your memory. Use them while you are giving your IELTS exam next time. You can use them in speaking as well as writing exam too.

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