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Learn Vocabulary in 5 Minutes

Vocabulary is one of the most important topics for your IELTS exam. You can take help of Root-base method to recall and remember words. This means that the roots of English words are found in the other languages. I am going to share 10 roots which can help you to understand all the words containing these roots;

table-01 (1)

  1. The root word “Gyne” means women. An example for the same is Gynaecologist.
  2. The root word “Poly” means Many. An example for the same is Polygamy (Many marriages).
  3. The root word “Derma” means skin. An example for the same is Dermatologist.
  4. The root word “Mono” means One. An example for the same is Monotheism.
  5. The root word “Miso” means Hate. An example for the same is Misogamy.
  6. The root word “Anthro” means Mankind. An example for the same is Anthropology.
  7. The root word “Andro” means Male. An example for the same is Polyandry.
  8. The root word “Gamy” means marriage. An example for the same is polygamy.
  9. The root word “Bi” means Two An example for the same is Bigamy.
  10. The root word “Dexterity” means skill. An example for the same is skilful person.

Take the help of above table and tell me

What does Misanthrope mean?

You have already learnt a lot of vocabulary words in just 5 minutes by this method.

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