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Confused between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour today. It involves much more than one might anticipate. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a small part of Digital Marketing. There is no point bringing a comparison or differentiating between the two because the Digital Media is vast and at large support internet services, marketing strategies and Digital channels like marketing through television, radio, short message service (SMS), telemarketing etc.

Digital Marketing includes:

Traditional Marketing: Television, Radio, SMS, Billboards etc.

Internet Marketing: Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus etc. This also includes email marketing strategies to incur subscription and send daily updates for back linking.

Search Based Marketing: This is technical and includes deeper knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO). It is advisory that you hire an SEO company in Chandigarh to get on with it without risking the chance of ruining your online business reputation.

How Digital Marketing works with Social Media?

Internet is the major source for getting any kind of information today. If you are running a business apart from advertising in newspapers, on television and radio announcements, Internet is a valid, quick and much affordable way to promote your product. With internet services you can promote your brand name through social media sites, emails, blogging, banner ads on websites through Google adwords or other search engine advertising companies.

Blogging: It’s an effective way to spread the word about your brand. You can use techniques and be clever in promoting and getting back links as well for the brand’s website. Content Creation is an important asset of SEO building and plays a major role in increasing website traffic. Not only this, when your product is known and shows up on the first pages of Google, trust is built among the people and it earns your brand an authenticity which is core element for better sales and future prospects.

Promotion on Social Media Networking sites: Everybody is on facebook today. Websites like twitter, instagram, Google plus etc. are so handy and as the generation is becoming more and more mobile savvy, it becomes important to use these platforms as it will help in creating a fanbase, promote your business and get more and more customers facilitating good and consistent sales. With users increasing in millions every year on social media platforms, it considerably helps in promoting one’s vision. The more active your company would be on these channels that better it would be for your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation: To mould your website in a way that when the viewer searches and your website pops up is a technique that requires a good digital marketer and there are experts working in best SEO Company in Chandigarh that helps in creating the content, framing films for advertising if needed, optimise the content and help your website come in the first 10 pages on the search engines.

Email Marketing: Old but a valid way still prevalent and helping big time. When a user gets on a website, he is asked to subscribe and once that happens that user will keep getting promotional emails for them to come back to your website and search through. This technique has been in this industry for more than 10 years and works every time.

From the above it becomes clear that how vast the prospects are in digital marketing and how prominent role Social Media plays in bringing good sales and promoting your brand. So how can there be a differentiation between the two. One is the right hand and other is left.

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How digital media supports your brand?

It helps in popularising your business. When you are using so many mediums like television, radio, banner ads, website promotion, social media promotion, Youtube Channel creation, blogging etc. it is inevitable that your business have to make a mark for itself and that happens almost automatically and smoothly once you follow the right chain of sequence and get going.

Improved Sales! It is seen that those companies who stay active on twitter, facebook etc. has seen considerable change in their sales pattern and has brought them consistent sales. Also it is effective way of announcing coupons, discount and happy hours strategies which excites the audiences at large and they want to bump on to the website and start buying. This means that Digital marketing serves as a scheme for you to clever lure people in on to your business strategies and make good deals.

Mobile Promotions help in creating awareness for your brand. Today every website your get on with especially the e-commerce websites, the first and foremost thing they ask for is your mobile number and email. Both these are used for their brand promotion whether they ar sending you coupons or promoting something new so that you as a customer knows what new is happening and in a way create excitement for you to buy such products. Mobile is always handy, so a message on mobile works best for the companies to get you on with their idea.

Digital marketing through paid advertising. All social media platforms and search engines at large help your promote your business through paid advertising and as these websites are used worldwide it greatly helps in promotion of your business.

Digital marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand, though digital marketing goes further beyond as to what social media has to offer but it can’t be denied the fact that today in a world where internet is a prominent source and everyone wants to work quickly without wasting time and saving much of their resources, social media is a great way of making that possible. Smart phones are all well equipped with these apps and you keep on getting notification as per your likings and new things keep on popping up. This is made possible through clever marketing strategies, mechanisms and core understanding of mindset of the people. To be able to target what kind of audience for what kind of product and business is what digital marketing statistics help you with.
So don’t stay unresponsive to ignorant of the prospects Digital Marketing has to offer and understand the need for Social Media Marketing in accordance with it.

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