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Frequently Asked Questions About GATE Exam

Frequently Asked Questions About GATE Exam

For students who are aspiring for clearing the GATE examination but are not aware anything about the GATE exam properly. The below content will help you to get an overview about how to prepare for GATE examinations. Whether you are aspiring to take GATE coaching in Jaipur or any other city, these FAQ’s will surely help you make an informed decision and proceed further.

What is the eligibility criteria for GATE exam?

The eligibility for GATE exam is that the student must hold either B.E. or B.Tech. However, besides the Degree holder students, the students who are currently in their final year of the Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology are also eligible to appear in the GATE exam. In fact, the final year students would be more benefitted by appearing in the GATE Exam as this will help them to save at least a year as they will not have to drop a year for appearing in GATE Exam.

What is the syllabus for the GATE Coaching?

GATE is bifurcated into 22 branches. The candidates are expected to appear in a paper which is of their qualifying degree’s discipline. The syllabus of the GATE coaching is defined as per the paper was chosen by the candidate. The while of the syllabus that is there in the 4 years of the graduation is the syllabus of the GATE exam for that particular subject. The common paper is only two which are Mathematics and Aptitude. For the rest subjects, whichever branch is chosen by the candidate, the syllabus is defined accordingly. The 22 branches includes Aerospace Engineering,  Geology and Geophysics, Agricultural Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Computer Science & Information Technology, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Textile Engineering & Fibre Science, Engineering Sciences, Ecology and Evolution, Petroleum Engineering. It is important to note here that the IT branch has been merged into CSC so if the candidate is from IT branch, the student will have to appear in the CSC exam only.

How to do self-study for the GATE exam?

For self-study, whatever you have read during your B.Tech/graduation years, it is advisable to start solving their solved problems/question papers since the question paper which comes in the GATE exam is basically conceptual in nature but with a mix of aptitude level as well. As we read standard author books for preparing for GATE exam, there is a note given after every topic, those notes are to be read very carefully. At the back of the book, there are certain questions given which may be subjective or objective in nature, those are also to be solved with sincerity. If the student chooses their favorite subjects(5 or 6 subjects) from the subjects, they should solve and focus only on the chosen subjects as the syllabus would come as per the subject was chosen. Further, previous years question papers are available in the market, one can buy them and it is very important to solve all of them for getting a fair idea and temperament of the subject in which you are going to appear.

How competitive is the GATE exam?

As regards the competition while appearing in the GATE exam, there are more than 15 lakh students who appear for this exam every year. This figure is cumulative of all the branches which are present for GATE exam. The candidate must not get upset looking at the huge figure as he should know that he is going to appear for a chosen branch, say for example, if a student has chosen a mechanical subject, around 1.5 lakh students appear with this subject. This ratio also includes the students who are appearing for the exam for the sake of it and are not serious for getting any good score. In totality, one must focus only on their particular subject and try to get into the first thousand students. If the candidate has prepared as per the above guideline, it is not difficult for him to get his place in the first thousand students.

What is the future prospect after clearing GATE exam?

After a candidate clears this GATE exam, the future prospect lies with PSU’s or the State Government jobs. If you clear GATE exam within top 1000 students, you will surely get a call from any of the Government sectors like IOCL, etc for the job. On the other side, GATE score also helps you to apply for M. Tech in the reputed institutes like IITs, NITs etc.

Which are the important books for reference/ study material for GATE exam?

The best books are the books which have been read during the B. Tech examination. The authors which have been read during the B. Tech four years are the best books for reference for the GATE exam. The candidate should pick those books and read them in depth for the preparation for GATE exam. Since every book has its own methodology which has been read the student for the past four years and has been adopted by him. So it is advisable to read them sincerely and prepare for GATE exam.

Some Tips to crack the GATE

It is very important for cracking the GATE exam is to study regularly. The topics are intertwined so if a day is missed in between, that would make the candidate do extra effort as he would have to read the previous days study once again to complete the current topic. Another important thing is to give online tests as this paper is given online. Even the GATE conducts a mock test for the exam, that is must be attempted by every candidate aspiring to get a good score in GATE. Giving the mock tests and taking the online tests will benefit the candidate to get accustomed to the pattern of the test for making it easier to finish the paper without any disturbance. Further, a Virtual calculator has been launched which is provided during the GATE exam. It is of utmost importance to practice on the virtual calculator as it is quite different from the normal scientific calculators. An Application for practicing on the Virtual Calculator is also available on the Android which is easily downloadable. Hence it is advisable that while practicing and studying at home for the GATE exam, the candidate must use the virtual calculator to get fully accustomed to it before the actual examination.

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