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5 common Mistake That Civil Services Exam Aspirant Commit

5 common Mistake That Civil Services Exam Aspirant Commit 

1. Not knowing your opponent:

The Most important mistake is that the Civil services exam aspirants commit is that they do not know their opponent. Whenever a warrior is going to war, he must study his opponent and must his opponent fully well. Talking about the opponent for IAS exam, the opponent here is UPSC civil service exam. How the exam is set, what is the pattern, trends in the exams as regards the questions asked, changes in recent times etc. you must weigh all these pointers and then prepare accordingly. You must not blindly follow the crowd without first analyzing the main opponent in one’s case. The mistake committed is following the crowd blindly which leads to wastage of your precious time and strength. Thus the most important mistake done by IAS exam aspirants is that they underestimate their opponent. They do not take proper information regarding their opponent. Henceforth to rectify this mistake, one must first understand his opponent as much as possible, which in the IAS exam is the UPSC. So before starting the preparation, what is required to be done by the aspirant looking for IAS coaching in Jaipur or IAS coaching in Chandigarh or IAS coaching in Delhi etc, is to first pick up the past few years question papers, may be of last 7 or 10 years of prelims and mains examination and try to understand what kind of questions are being asked, from which aspect and from which portion of the syllabus, the questions are being asked most of the times. Further, you need to also see whether the questions are analytical in nature or conceptual or current based questions. So if you examine and analyze the last few years questions papers, you would be in a better position to identify your opponent.

2. IAS Exam Aspirants do not get the basics right:

This is the second most important mistake committed by the Civil Services exam aspirants. Basics form the base of your preparation but that is ignored by the IAS exam aspirants. These students without understanding their basics will start reading in an unorganized manner by picking up standard books of a particular subject, avoiding newspaper or taking current affairs from some website, reading notes of some academy. Hence they are not working on their basics. For instance, for reading any conventional subject, to build up the base, one must start reading the NCERT and for current affairs, reading various newspapers is very important because that will build your perspective regarding various issued along with building up one’s character. Thus, the IAS exam aspirant will be able to identify the questions and form their answers accordingly. This approach will not only help in the interview but in mains and prelims as well.

3. Ignoring note making:

Third common mistake done by the civil service exam aspirant is that they do not make their notes. Note making is the most important part of not only the UPSC exam but for any competitive exam and it is the best activity that can be done for learning. Why is it important is because any IAS exam aspirant is gathering lot of information while preparing for more than a year or so but to remember or revise this information, we must make the notes of whatever is being read. These will help at the end of the year.

4. Lacking consistency:

There are four factors playing in this mistake. These Four factors are positive as well as negative. Consistency and planning are positive factors, negative factors are overconfidence and procrastination. The mistake that civil service aspirants do is that they are not consistent with their efforts and they fail to plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Hence one needs to plan every step of your journey towards civil services. Once the plan is made whether, or daily, weekly, yearly etc, one must work on it consistently with utmost discipline. Thus, the aspirant has to make sure that things are getting done and for that, for instance, if you are reading like 6 hours in a day, the IAS exam aspirant must be consistent and these 6 hours in a day should be throughout the year. The aspirant must stick to the everyday plan or the goal made by them. On top of this, there are negative factors i.e. overconfidence. The aspirant becomes so over confident that they will keep delaying thinking that today’s work can be done tomorrow, etc and eventually it will get compiled. A student cannot do a month’s work in few days hence procrastination will take over. Thus, to make sure that these two negative things do not come in your mind, one must make the plan and
be consistent over it.

5. Lack of practice:

Some aspirants become so over confident that they do not practice. Practising is another important factor. If you are avoiding answer writing practice or solving MCQ’s, etc, you will not be able to clear UPSC exam. For pre, the aspirant has to give mock tests and do the MCQ’s consistently and you would know the right kind of technique or how you should prepare or how to attempt the MCQ’s. for mains, answer writing is the most important thing. If you see the pattern of the exam, an IAS exam student has to write answers of 20 questions in just three hours so that is a very difficult task and it requires a very high quality of writing skills and only those who have that kind of writing skill, they go through.

Thus, an civil service aspirant whether preparing for IAS coaching in chandigarh or IAS coaching in Delhi or for that matter in any city must avoid the above five common mistakes to get through the examination with flying colours.

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