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Select IBPS Coaching rather than Self Study at Home

Should I join some IBPS coaching in Chandigarh for the preparation of the entrance exam?

After the completion of graduation, most of you try your luck in the IBPS. And you get stuck in the decision of taking the preparation of the exam at home or at a coaching institute.

Let us see why coaching institute is better than preparing for the exam at home. Read on

Detailed study

A good and reputed coaching institute tends to take care of the students individually. As IBPS has lots of sections in its huge syllabus, students need to learn the techniques to prepare for the exam within a fixed time. IBPS coaching helps students in detailed study.

Teaching standard is high

The tutors of coaching institutes are experts in the field and perhaps they have at their time cracked the exams. Hence they know how the experience of the exam is and can share with the student their experience along with the teaching of the syllabus.

High Quality Study Material

The study materials, note, books and the suggestions of books provided by the coaching institutes are high. You can rely on them to attain good score and crack IBPS.

Arrangement of Mock Tests

While preparing for entrance exam of most IBPS coaching institutes arrange for mock test to prepare their students better, on monthly, weekly or fortnight basis. To get a better preparation, you ought to sit for those exams and evaluate where you stand after a phase of your preparation.

All these wouldn’t have been possible if you have carried on your preparation at home rather than at an IBPS Coaching. Aren’t we right?

If not, then answer these two IBPS reasoning questions and see how much you are ahead without a coaching institute.

Day : Night : : Kind : ?

  • (A) Dark
  • (B) Bright
  • (C) Cruel
  • (D) Generous
  • (E) Gratitude

Hut : Mansion : : Rabbit : ?

  • (A) Hole
  • (B) Carrot
  • (C) Elephant
  • (D) Small
  • (E) Rat


Day : Night : : Kind : (C) Cruel

Hut : Mansion : : Rabbit : (C) Elephant

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