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3 Tips to Read Fast in Bank PO Exam

Reading the question paper faster than the other examinees in the exam hall can be beneficial for you when you are sitting for the Bank PO exam. In fact, any of the good Bank PO Coaching Institutes will suggest you to apply this trick.

Reading speed can be a vital factor affecting your performance in Bank PO exam. With the absence of reading speed, you might feel that the time duration allotted for the exam is not enough. Thus, the exam will appear much harder that it actually is.

If you can read the question paper fast, then the possibility is that you can go through every question and attempt them. Faster reading creates a positive vibe in your mind and increases your performance level in the exam.

Take a look at the 3 things you can do to increase your reading speed.

Increase eye span

It is the number of words your eyes can take in one swift glance while reading. The more is your eye span, quicker can you read the question paper in the Bank PO Exam. Take the help of your Bank PO Coaching to increase your eye span. Master it.

Use pointer

When you are reading use your fingers as pointers on the lines. This is a good technique to read fast and with concentration. Eyes are capable of following pointers fast enabling you the read lines faster.

Read more

Yes Bank PO obviously means you have to practice the sums and reasoning and other things. These all thing involves writing and not reading. So when you reach your exam hall and finally stare at your question paper, you are lacking the speed of reading the question paper faster.

Practice your sums, practice your writing speed! But practice reading as well. Don’t forget to read and read more and more to be able to read faster in the exam hall.

It can be a great help if you practice these stuffs under the guidance of tutors from Bank PO Coaching institutes.

Good luck from the team of Know Your Tutor for your preparation!

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