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HCS Exam

The Haryana Civil Services Examination (HCS) is a combined competitive examination conducted by the Haryana Public Services Commission(HPSC) aimed at recruiting prospective candidates to various administrative portfolios and services at Chandigarh. The exam comprises of two phases followed by a Viva Voice which are i)The Preliminary and ii)The Mains, the former further comprises of two papers and the latter includes a written test.

Eligibility for the HCS Exam

-A bachelor degree in any discipline from a recognized university or equivalent is the minimum educational qualification for applying in HCS.
-The age of the candidate should be from a minimum 21 – maximum 35 years of age for the HCS examination although age relaxation is given in various categories. For more details on the eligibility criteria visit
-The number of attempts for general candidates is three, however for ex-servicemen category candidates are allowed three more attempts.
-Only the candidates scoring 45% in aggregate or above in all subjects are eligible for interview.


What makes us the best institute for HCS Coaching is the keeping the students abreast of the varying pattern of the examination and subsequent incorporation in the program. This method provides the student with the latest most comprehensive information in one place. We believe that the success in any exam begins with the understanding of the exam and its pattern. The exam is held in 3 stages mainly:

1.PRELIMS: The prelims stage comprises of two papers of 100 marks each. Preliminary Paper comprises of objective type questions. The first paper is of general studies covers the general civic aspects of the country like History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Sciences etc.Also included in the exam are questions centred on Current Affairs for HCS and the state-specific questions typically Haryana G K for HCS are also asked. The candidates are advised to answer all the questions as there is no negative marking. The second paper, an optional subject, the candidate can choose from various optional subjects. The key to the success of the student is dependent on being able to attempt as many questions with accuracy.

2.MAINS: The success in the preliminary exam qualifies a student for the mains exam. The exam comprises of General Studies paper and two optional subjects to be chosen from the list of provided by the commission, although there is a certain combination of options which are prohibited. There are also compulsory Hindi and compulsory English paper. An essay paper is also a part of the mains examination mix. Unlike the preliminary, all these papers are subjective in nature, and thus attention has to be paid to the answer writing skill of the student. A student desirous of scoring high in the Mains should focus on in-depth knowledge, an eye for detail and answer working skill.

3.INTERVIEWS : The last hurdle of the HCS exam is the interview. The interview comprises of Viva-voce questions asked by the panel of experts in various subjects. The exam also tests the personality of the candidate


STAGE ONE: Prelim examination

HCS prelim exam pattern

Paper- I General Studies 100 2 hr.
Paper-II One Optional Subject to be Selected from a list of 19 Subjects 100 2 hr.

STAGE TWO: Mains Examination The Mains examination is divided into two, the Compulsory papers and the Optional papers.

HCS main exam pattern

Optional Papers: The candidates have to select any of the two optional subjects from the list of 23 subjects. The most popular, practical & scoring Humanities optional subjects have been; Psychology; Public Administration; Sociology; History; Political Science & Geography. But some combinations are not allowed, so before selecting the optional the students need to check the availability of the combinations.

Based on our decade of producing immaculate results, we can conclude that it is the quality of hours spent on coaching rather than quantity. We share some tips that could be helpful for all future HCS candidates.

-As against one of the wide prevalent myths, that an aspirant needs to burn the midnight oil day to crack the examination the fact remains that successful candidates keep close tabs on their study pattern and better the quality of their study.
-Also critical is the fact of segregating the study material and weeding out what is unnecessary thus saving you ample amount of time.
-Keep yourself informed with the latest pattern and scheme of questions.
-General candidates can take 6 attempts and students can attempt the exam in his preferred language. In the prelims examination, only objective type questions (2 marks each) are asked. Mains examination test in-depth knowledge of a candidate so an aspirant needs to brush up their general awareness and essay writing skills as well. Currents events being one of the critical factors, the students should keep themselves abreast of the current happenings and constantly make notes of the same for instant revision.
-Interview does not test your knowledge but check your administrative traits. Our session comprising of mock interviews enables one to eliminate the pangs of the Interview.

Frequently asked questions about HCS Exam

HCS Exam related student queriesWe constantly receive around 100 questions per month on from students through various platforms like email and chat sessions targeting HCS exam. With majority of them focused on basic information,we decided to bring across the important questions in the post for a comprehensive preparation of the HCS Exam .

We hope that you would find the answers enriching your preparation for the exam.



Like any other Civil Services Examination, the HCS examination is a three-stage process comprising of : i) PRELIMS: The Preliminary examination comprises of two papers (The General Studies and Aptitude Test).Each of the papers is of 100 marks each. ii) The Mains: The Mains examination comprises of 5 papers which are English, Hindi, General Studies, Subjects 1 and 2 respectively. iii) Personality Test: Though the exam is almost on the same pattern as the UPSC examination, however, there is increased stress on the state affairs. There is a lot of material available both online as well as offline sources for the preparation of the HCS exam. Without naming any particular study material and being biased, it is advised to take the help of a few of your friends who have taken the examination before or ask your teachers. Some of the commonly followed online sources for the preparation of the elite exam are: a) Online Tyari : Online Tyari is a leading web and mobile app platform which helps in preparing for different competitive exams. It partners with coaching institutes, independent tutors and publishers to provide the latest study materials to aspirants. For more details, visit the website. b) Clear IAS : ClearIAS is rated among the top websites for IAS preparation. It provides free online study materials, guidance, toppers’ interviews, online mock exams, etc. Clear IAS is also an Android app now. For more details, visit the website. c) Civils Daily : Civilsdaily has been rated as the number one GK and current affairs app for IAS and UPSC preparation. It provides news in a simplified manner for aspirants. It also publishes daily flashcards and compiles them under different topics on the website. For more details, visit the website. d) Unacademy : Unacademy is India’s largest free education initiative. It makes high-quality educational videos that are free for everyone. Unacademy’s vision is to have the best explanation for every educational topic in all languages. The Unacademy app is also available on the Google Play store. For more details, visit the website. e) : This website is for every newbie who wants to give the exams a shot. Mrunal Patel is well-known for breaking down complex ideas and explaining things to public service aspirants in the simplest manner. Mrunal wasn’t able to clear the UPSC exams but he channelled his energy into teaching other aspirants. He also gives video lectures on Youtube. For more details, visit the website.

The offline sources of preparation are mainly books and coaching centres which can help you out in the preparation for your civil services examination. Some of the preferred books by the students for various subjects are listed below:


a) General Knowledge Haryana (2018): General Studies and Current Affairs on the state of Haryana. b) Part B which is the Aptitude Test can be prepared by Standard book of McGraw Hill. The other books which are recommended are listed as under: i) NCERT Books (Grade 9-12) ii) Indian Polity-M.Laxmikanth iii) Indian Economy-Sanjeev Verma iv) Environment-Shankar IAS v) Indian Geography-Majid Hussain vi) ATLAS vii) Ancient History-RS Sharma viii) Medieval India-Satish Chandra ix) Modern History-Bipin Chandra

2.THE MAINS: The candidate is supposed to shortlist 2 subjects out of the list of 23 listed in the brochure. However, the candidates' should be careful in not selecting subjects that seem similar e.g combinations like Political Science and Public Administration are not allowed. One is advised to check the previous year's papers to ensure the comfortability factor with the subjects of their choice.


There are reputed institutes which provide focussed and targeted coaching for the HCS examination 2019. These institutes have years of experience in the trade and have successfully mentored thousands of students to achieve their goal. Some of the leaders in the field are listed below: i) RAJ MALHOTRA IAS ii) CHANAKYA IAS ACADEMY iii) DRONACHARYA IAS iv) CS MENTORS IAS v) BRAIN TREE -IAS ACADEMY

The above list is just based on suggestions by successful candidates, however, they are free to choose others depending on their convenience.

Some of the resources available online, which can help the candidates in their HCS preparation are Abhimanyu's IAS in Chandigarh, Chanakya IAS Academy in Chandigarh, Vajirao Institute in Delhi, The Vision IAS. Some of these institutes are known for providing state of the art online material that can be carried anywhere. All these coaching institutes have garnered rave reviews over the years owing to their state of the art methodology and proven results. Some of the leading online sites that one can get help with the General Knowledge are Mrunal IAS, Unacademy, Civilsdaily, IAS4sure Notes. All the above resources provide the candidate with exposure to the topics that are most likely to be asked from the examination point of view.

There are three compulsory subjects namely English and English Essay, Hindi and Hindi Essay and General Knowledge. Each of the paper is worth 150 marks each. Besides, there are optional subjects out of which a candidate has to choose one optional subject in the Preliminary and two optional subjects for the mains. For detailed syllabus, the students are advised to visit the HPSC official site( Also we recommend each and every student to browse the site for any important update.

The major difference between the IAS and the HCS examination is centred around the basic recruitment criteria, service conditions and salary and remuneration packages both enjoy. One of the major difference is the mode of selection. While the selection of the IAS officers is carried out through the CSE examination by the UPSC, the HCS officers are selected through the state civil services examination HPSC. The second important difference between the two lies in the authority exercising the original jurisdiction.While The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) by the Central Government is responsible with respect to recruitment and service related matter of public servants whereas in the latter case the State Administrative Tribunal is responsible (SAT) for the matters related to recruitment and service matter of state government employees. The third most important point is the mode of recruitment. While the President holds the responsibility of appointing the IAS officers, the HCS officers, on the other hand, are recruited by the Governor of the state and thus they are under the total control of the state government. The fourth important point is in regards to the salary that IAS officers and HCS officers receive. The salaries and pensions of the IAS officers are met by the cadre state and they enjoy a uniform pay scale across the country irrespective of the state they are serving. The salary of the HCS counterpart, on the other hand, is totally in the hands of the state government.

The HCS examination 2019 shall be conducted by HPSC (Haryana Public Service Commission).In order to achieve a worthy rank in the HCS examination 2019 one needs to be well aware of the pattern of the examination. This shall enable him to have a focussed study plan. The Preliminary examination comprises of two subjects which are General Studies and An optional Subject of 100 marks and 2 hours duration each. For the Mains, the examination pattern comprises of a candidate's ability in four subjects mainly English(which includes the Essay), Hindi (Also an essay to be written in Devnagri script), General Studies each of which is of 100 marks each. Besides, THE MAINS also comprises of two optional subjects each of 150 marks each, followed by a Viva of 75 marks. The mains in total comprises of 675 marks. Some of the important points to be considered in the HCS Exam 2019 are that the candidate has to score a minimum of 30 marks in General Hindi, score in General studies would not be counted if one doesn't get 30 marks in Hindi. The question paper is offered in both English and Hindi languages. The candidates passing the written examination are called for an interview. Following the performance in THE MAINS, the aspirants are called for Personality test/Interview.

There are so many resources available that can assist the student in the HCS preparation. These books are often referred by most of the successful candidates in the civil services examination.

Arguably the most sought after reference book by Civil Services Aspirants is Indian Polity by M.Laxmikant, A brief history of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir is a comprehensive view of India's modern History, For Geography the two highly recommended books are Certificate Physical and Human Geography by GC Leong and India and World Geography, India Map Entries in Geography for Civil Services Main Examination 2019 by Majid Hussain. The books are ideal considering the simple language and precise language which makes it an ideal choice for each aspirant. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh and another one authored by Sanjiv Verma are the most recommended books for the Civil Services aspirants For Economics, I would like to recommend Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh. There are two ideal books in the market for UPSC, first is written by Ramesh Singh and the other one by Sanjiv Verma. Some of the other books worth referring to are Higher Judicial Service Examination by Narender Kumar, The Ultimate Guide To The Judicial Services Examinations by MA Rashid, Class Notebook Of Geography published by JPD,Guide to Judicial Service Examination published by Universal Law Pub, Delhi Judicial Service by Sailender Malik,Eminent Modern Indian Political Thinkers by K. Gopal,Expected Questions On Political Science Book by Sanjay Kumar,Climatology (General & Applied) by Tahir Hussain & Mary Tahir,Handbook Of Public Administration by Vikram Singh

It should never be interpreted in this way. The level of difficulty the amount of topics to cover is significantly higher. The number of optional never make a subject easy or difficult, but the level of questions asked makes it so. Having said that we in no way are trying to give an impression that HCS examination is easy and doesn't require hard work. One needs focus, study regime and a plan of action to conceive success in the examination.

The various positions that can be filled through the HCS examination are HCS (E1. Br.), Deputy Superintendent Police(DSP), Excise and Taxation Officer (ETO), District Food and Supplies Controller, Class A Tehsildar, Assistant Registrar Co. Op. Societies, Assistant Excise & Taxation officer, Block Development and Panchayat Officer, Traffic Manager, District Supplies Food & Officer, Assistant Employment Officer. The positions are filled according to the rank of the candidate. The Top 16 positions shall be considered for direct posting to SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) while the other positions like BDO, Excise Inspector etc. are those who end up with lower ranks.

First and foremost the candidate should be aware of the examination pattern and selection process which are necessary ingredients to begin the self-study. As in the case of all Civil Services examination, it is a three-stage process like: i) Preliminary: There are two papers(General Studies and Aptitude Test).Each of the paper is of 100 marks each. ii) Mains: There are 5 papers namely (English (100marks), Hindi (100marks), General Studies (100marks), Subject 1 and Subject 2 of 150 marks each) iii) Personality Test: It is face to face interview of the candidate with a panel of the examiners where he is tested for his knowledge of current affairs related to the state and personality based questions. In order to start preparation for HCS, focus on the state as most likely about 20 questions related to Haryana in General studies paper of prelims. The best book for Aptitude Test is McGraw Hill. it is advised to read the NCERT books from Grade 7-12 to build the foundation followed by reference books on the subject. For English and Hindi, any good grammar book will do. For General Studies, the books read in prelims will also help in mains. After mains, you will have a Personality Test of 75 marks.

It is mandatory in all the government services to produce a proof of one's medical fitness. The candidate, after the examination, is required to produce a certificate of medical fitness for the Government service from authorized and institutes as arranged by the Director of Health Services, Haryana as per rules.

The study material provides the candidate with exposure to the topics that are necessary from the examination point of view. The study material includes the books and magazines that provide exhaustive coverage of the syllabus. The candidates should solve as many question papers for practice before the written examination. Also, there are test series available in a number of bookstores. With 16 positions on a stake, it is always wise to be prepared thoroughly to crack the examination.

It is always an intelligent strategy to verify all the information before filling your application form as the rules are subject to change with state and time. To answer your question, I would like to mention here that one can apply for the regional level examination for other states. The candidate should select the option of 'Other State' while filling the domicile section in the application form. Of all the states Bihar is the only one where you can fight for the total seats.

The HPSC (Haryana Public Service Commission ) released the exam date of March 31, 2019, to fill the positions of 166 Ex Br and other Allied services. HPSC HCS (Ex.Br.) & Other Allied Service Prelims Exam Date 2019. The exam shall be conducted on Sunday in two Sessions.

The key to beginning the preparation of the Haryana Civil Services Examination is creating a belief in yourself that you can crack it. Once you are self-driven, half the battle is won there only. Whether you decide to do self-study or join a coaching institute, there are some common guidelines you need to incorporate in your daily routine. These practices can not only provide you with the focus but also discipline your routine in managing your task within the allotted time. It is suggested that one should do a smart study rather than an exhaustive study. The exam covers a plethora of topics and if one has a vast understanding, he stands a better chance of being successful. Time and Again newspaper reading have been stressed for a simple reason that it gives you a review of current affairs. One should make notes as you go along, which become handy at the time of the examination. Another important strategy to build the foundation is to revise NCERT books from 6th - 12th. Monitor your progress keeping the syllabus by your side and most importantly follow strict time management included some spare time for breaks. Practice by solving previous years papers. Once you have decided on optional subjects, strengthen concepts by making notes through referrals from newspaper and textbooks.

More than difficult the exam has an exorbitant amount of topics to cover. The candidate is expected to follow a disciplined approach whereby he is expected to cover the syllabus of the civil services examination. The HCS exam like any other Civil services examinations consists of three stages mainly The Preliminary, The Mains and The Interview. The candidate is expected to have an all-around knowledge of the subject accompanied by personality and confidence that are tested in the exam to finally select an able candidate who is able to don the country's lead profile. The candidate after clearing the preliminary examination (Marks don't count towards the Final Merit) with a cut-off are called to sit for the mains and the interview. One can imagine the difficulty level of the examination that only 10% of the candidates interviewed are chosen in the elite civil services.

Where there is a will, there is a way. One needs to be determined to achieve a goal and if one is driven one can achieve anything in life he sets his eyes on. Dr T Shubhamangala a practising Gynaecologist and a mother of 3 cleared the UPSC exam with a rank of 147, Similarly, Haryana's Anu Kumari besides taking care of her child devoted 10-12 hours towards her study to achieve the second rank in the IAS examination. There are many such stories who have not let any obstacle come in the way of success. And some of them mostly resorted to studying online as there was no newspaper in the place where they came from. All of them have attributed their success to strong willpower and determination

One can become DSP(Deputy Superintendent in Police through any of the three methods. The first and foremost is through the Haryana Civil Services Examination(HCS). The candidate after clearing the three steps namely The Prelims, The Mains and The Personality Interview with a good rank is offered the position of DSP. The second method is through regular promotion. A direct recruited Sub Inspector can be promoted to the rank of Dy.S.P by promotion). The second method which is available to only a chosen few is through the sports category. The rank is usually given to players who have earned international fame.

The HCS examination tests the candidate knowledge on the state of Haryana in addition to the nation as a whole. Thus if one is sincerely preparing for the Civil Services Examination, the topics on Geography, History and Current Affairs related to the state of Haryana should be overviewed alongside.

Psychology and Sociology are one of the most scoring subjects in the Civil services examination. This is owing to the fact that one doesn't need jargon of complex ideas to come to a conclusion. The subjects are conceptual and the inferences can be drawn from our daily lives. Also, Public Administration and History are also sought after by many a candidate.

The fees for HCS coaching can vary from institute to institute. Some of the elite institutes and reputed institutes can charge from 1,50,000 to 2,00,000. However there are others which range from 70,000-80,000.The candidate should select an institute which provides him with the best value for money.

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