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Punjab Civil Service PCS Exam Preparation Tips


The preparation of the Punjab Civil Services exam required a dedicated effort by the candidate. Any civil services exam requires one to follow a structured, disciplined and time-bound approach owing to the vast scope of PCS exam. Also, stress relieving strategies are critical in managing the pressure situations especially as the time of the examination draws nearer. The exam, in other words, is not limited to testing a candidate’s prowess in the subjects of History, Polity and Geography pertaining to the state of Punjab but also endurance and time management skills. The actual PCS exam is full of tricky and analytical questions with an increasing level of difficulty, the answers of which require logical and Analytical Reasoning. The preparation for the PCS exam requires a candidate to possess elaborated knowledge including fundamentals regarding Indian Culture, History, Geography etc.

Tips to crack PSC Exam

The key to ensure success in a rigorous exam like PCS involves the following guidelines

  1. Allocate time to each and every topic of the exam.
  2. Update your knowledge of current affairs through the habit of newspapers, current news.
  3. Take note of important and key points by browsing through previous years papers.
  4. Continuous Practice in the form of online exams for self-assessment boosts your confidence.
  5. There is no topic in the exam that you can rate as unimportant. All the topics are worthy and questions can be asked from anywhere.
  6. Practice, Practice and more Practice for better understanding.
  7. Make a strict study routine taking into consideration the preparation f the Preliminary along with the mains as you would be having only a month after the preliminary exam to appear for the mains.
  8. Focus on important topics especially relating all Government schemes of Punjab state in particular and keep an eye on central schemes as well.
  9. Illustrate your answers in pointers for better scoring.

We wish you our very best in your journey towards achieving the most coveted designation of the country.

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