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GD to be Replaced by WAT in CAT Examination

Till this time all who attended the Common Admission Test for MBA had to sit for the Group Discussion (GD). The CAT Coaching Institutes will have to now prepare you for the WAT which is the Written Ability Test.

As per the latest news, all the new IIMs which are established since 2010 are following some of the older IIMs such as IIM-A, B, L, etc. and plan to replace the GD, group discussion stage of their admission process with a Written Ability Test.

They are also planning to use the score for the WAT taken by the older IIMs of a candidate, if a candidate has appeared for this test of some of the older IIMs, he or she will not be needed to take the WAT single for the new one. Though, you have to still appear in the personal interview as it is an important screening process.

Here the catch is the time limit. As the subjective questions are gaining significance in the admission criteria of IIM, the key concern is the time limit.

In IIM-B, they will ask you to write an essay in 30 minutes, in IIM-Lucknow it is 15 minutes and in IIM-A it is 10 minutes. You can’t waste much time in planning out the structure of the essay. Naturally, you need speed and sensibility on your part and you need the help of your CAT Coaching to excel the tactics.

It is very crucial to build up the ability to imagine and express yourself quickly in a limited and fixed time frame. The assessment of the WAT is generally based on the number of points or new innovative ideas you can turn out in the given time, the various angles from which you can analyze the logic behind each argument and also the topic.

Hence, start your preparation for WAT soon along with your CAT preparation if you are targeting admission to the new IIMs this year at your CAT Coaching. All the best for this new initiative!

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