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CAT Coaching – Experts’ Insights on Reading Lists for CAT Preparation

As you are aware of CAT being the most coveted MBA entrance exam, CAT Coaching Institutes provide you the base of the preparation for the exam.

Not just by attending the CAT Coaching in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula will bring you the success; you have to make some other extra efforts for ensuring your success and high scores in the exam.

You should follow and read extra books, websites, newspapers, magazines and blogs to keep you updated of all national and international affairs. Have a glance on a list of extra readings you can read for the preparation.

The Guardian

One of the best left wing magazines of Britain, Guardian gives you all the information and happenings of Britain. Their sports column is pretty good for you to follow. The website is free to read.

The Economist

This one is a fabulous British publication, publishing all kinds of international news in every genre like politics, art, sports, books, culture, economics, etc. With the use of perfect grammar, their writing style is unique. Apart from your CAT Coaching teaching you good writing style, you can learn from here as well. It comes with a high price tag. You can only read 3 articles per week for free.


This one is the excellent publication of US. Give you the updates of happenings of the state. The blogs written in the website versions are good. You can adopt their style in your writing. Follow them for sure to develop you current affair knowledge.

The Atlantic

Their long articles are good to read. The articles are well researched and written. Apart from the heavy articles you read provided by your CAT Coaching tutors read these. These reading will be effective in your CAT preparation and exams.

The Hindu

Read the editorial part of The Hindu. It’s the best amongst the Indian publication. They write with a command in the language and you will find their publications interesting. They strike the appropriate balance of simplicity and seriousness in their articles.


Frontline is another of the Indian publication good to follow for the purpose of CAT preparation and keeping yourself updated with the current affairs and adapting some good writing style for the exam.

Also follow all the other extra readings which the CAT Coaching Institutions are recommending.

Happy reading while preparing for CAT folks!

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