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Rajasthan Administrative Service exam is one of the most popular exams which is conducted every year for selecting candidates to fill the post in the state government of Rajasthan administrative service category. This exam is conducted by Rajasthan Public Service Commission and the syllabus is predefined as we had already pointed it out in another post. The students who are aspirants of clearing this exam usually take RAS coaching in Jaipur with the best coaching institutes who guide them to prepare for such exams, however, taking RAS coaching in Jaipur or any other city is just not enough and something more needs to be done. Let’s have a look as to the needful tips for cracking the RAS examination and get the desired position in the state government service.

1. Self Study

It is a very important aspect of getting through the RAS exam as without doing self-study regularly, it becomes difficult to remember the vast syllabus of the exam. Intensive reading of the curriculum as taught in the coaching centers in the coordination of your self-study would definitely guarantee the success. The main part of the self study is to prepare your notes in such a way that just a glance at it would make you remember everything you had read.

2. Follow a defined timetable

As we already know that there are a lot of subjects and lot of areas to cover according to the syllabus to clear the RAS exam so the first thing that needs to be done is to make a properly defined timetable of the entire syllabus. This would help the aspirant to keep the motive alive, reduce the bouts of monotonous reading and finish the entire syllabus well in time. But just making a timetable is not enough, it should be followed with full might and heart. Believe in yourself that you can follow the defined timetable you made to prepare for the RAS exam. Without following the timetable, would not bring the enthusiasm for constantly reading and preparing for this exam.

3. Solving past question papers

This again is one of the most important tips. The aspirant who desires to clear the RAS exam in the first attempt itself should definitely solve the past year’s question papers as much as they can and as many times as they can. Solving the past question papers would enable the candidate to know the pattern of the examination, the competitive level of the examination and would be able to gain confidence as regards appearing in the examination with full strength within the time frame given without attracting the negative marking as well.

4. Practise answer writing

The more you practice, the more confident you will become in writing the answers. At times, the aspirants have read everything again and again while preparing for the examination. They accumulate all the information in a very haphazard manner. What makes the aspirant who has all the information while attempting the examination is his way of writing the answers which should be precise and to the point of the question only. Such ability to write crisp and creative answers can be gained only when one practices the answer writing on a large scale. The Aspirants who have cleared the RAS exam in the first attempt itself have always laid stress on practicing answer writing instead of mere reading of the syllabus. Further, practicing to write would also help the aspirant to improve the writing speed and to improve his style of writing the answers.

5. Believe in yourself

we have time and again read stories of those students who did not have any means to go for RAS coaching in Jaipur or any other city yet have cleared the RAS exam with flying colors by obtaining a very good rank as well. It is important to remember that these students had a very positive approach and believed in themselves. They were not overconfident yet their inner strength was strong to keep their mind at peace all the time while preparing for the exam. Remove
the negative thoughts like I won’t be able to do this or read maths etc. In fact first, make yourself master of the subjects or the topic you think you cannot do and that will make you believe in yourself which will, in turn, help you to achieve the success of clearing the exam and seeing yourself at the desired position in the State Administrative service.

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