Frequently Asked Questions

QWe have admission criteria. How can I enroll a student directly through Knowyourtutor.com?

You are required to mention admission criteria in the prerequisites section while creating a course so that students can apply only if they meet the stated criteria. Additionally, students can always contact you directly for any clarification.  

QHow do reviews work?

Reviews are feedback from your students that add credibility to your profile and give a sense of confidence to other prospective students.  Either Students themselves through your public profile can rate your courses on different criteria, or you can invite your students for reviews from “Promote Profile” section on your dashboard.  

QWhat if I have to cancel the course that I am offering through KnowYourTutor.com?

Immediately cancel the course listings on knowyourtutor.com by logging in to your account or by contacting us and refund the course fee collected from enrolled students. However, if such a practice is observed on repeated occasions it may lead to blacklisting you from knowyourtutor.com.

QHow can I promote myself using KnowYourTutor.com?

You can share your profile, courses and events in a click of a button on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, WhatsApp or through emails by using built in social share functionality on knowyourtutor.com

Additionally, you can boost your reach and get noticed by thousands of students by advertising on knowyourtutor.com. Send us a request and will we contact you ASAP

QMy question is not answered here. What shall I do?

We are here to assist you. Reach us on the contact details provided at Contact Us.

QWhat is the cost of listing an event on knowyourtutor.com?

It’s Free, we encourage you to list as many workshops, counseling sessions, mock tests etc. as you like. It lets your prospective students know you, thus helping you to generate more leads. 

QWhat is the cost for listing a tuition class on knowyourtutor.com?

Listing your tuition classes is absolutely FREE. However you are required to pass on minimum agreed discount on the course fee for few seats through KnowYourTutor.com. 

QHow do I offer an event

Register on knowyourtutor.com, navigate to “My Events” section on the dashboard, create a new event and add schedules to it. That’s it. Once we approve your event, it gets live on the website for students to enroll in.

QHow do I offer tuition courses through knowyourtutor.com?

It’s very simple. Register on knowyourtutor.com, navigate to “My courses & batches” section on the dashboard, create a new course and add batches to it. That’s it. Once we approve your course, it gets live on the website for students to enroll in. 

QHow does KnowYourTutor.com help me?

KnowYourTutor.com is a free one stop marketing platform for tutors, enabling you to reach thousands of prospective students at no cost. List your tuition courses, events, get access to student requirements and promote yourself in a click of a button.