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Education CRM

Every business centralizes its customers as their core point to configure their various aspects. They do this to target more customers and to retain them. Now, customers come to a business from various sources. These can be referrals, visiting the company’s website or via social media. But, what does CRM implies in case of education or coaching centres? No matter, wherever you apply the appreciation of CRM, it stands for Customer Relationship Management. So, in case of education sectors, the customers or the clients are the students only. These organisations can cater growth when they can manage all their students really effectively.

What is lead management?

You can often get to hear about LEAD MANAGEMENT irrespective of every business sector. In case of an educational or coaching institution, this lead management plays the most important role in managing students. Starting from calling a student on time to clearing their queries, all have to be done in a time efficient manner so that reaching the organisational target becomes much comprehensible. So, in simple forms, Lead Management is a systematic process to capture leads, track their activities and behaviours, qualify them and give them continuous attention for making them sales ready and then passing these leads to the sales team.

Hassles of usual record maintenance

So, if you are someone who have a coaching or a training institution, you must be familiar with all these functions and responsibilities. But, how do you perform all these? You may use excel or spread sheets to store information or registers to put every detail of each student. Don’t you? So, you are very well aware of the hassles involved in all these manual maintenance. Your marketing team get confused very frequently for they either have to search for a particular information investing their lot of time and effort or it is becoming very tough for you to monitor every single performance every day. So basically, transparency in information sharing is getting hampered.

What is the solution?

It is very much cleared that educational organisations like yours are in serious need of something innovative that can effectively manage your leads and can further cater growth of your business and your team can also find it easier to manipulate their tasks. So, what is the solution? We are here with the most effective and intuitive solution in the form of KYT-CRM. Eager to know about KYT-CRM?

KYT-CRM is a student enquiry management software that is solely designed to manage your leads like never before. Wondering HOW? Then, let us tell you that it has got every single feature that can manage your lead and can help both you and your team to foster rapid growth in your business. Have a look in this video below-

Features of KYT-CRM

  • We mentioned earlier that clients come from various sources. If you keep their information individually in separate files or excel sheets then you will see that when you or any of your team member needs an immediate information, then searching out different files is just cumbersome. KYT-CRM helps you to ORGANISE and STORE LEADS from all the VARIED SOURCES in a SINGLE PLATFORM so that you can MANAGE BETTER.
  • Transparency in information sharing is a must for maintaining smoothness in organisational performance and all of your marketing members must have access to important information at any time they need it. So, KYT-CRM LEADS ASSIGNMENT i.e., it can distribute all leads to your team members and can set different targets for them individually so as a manager, you don’t have to be worried for manually assigning leads to your team. Now you can have that EXTRA TIME to ENJOY A CUP OF TEA while you are in office.
  • Now, suppose, you are getting multiple students every single month. Each student have their own queries so, you are conversing with them individually, IS IT HUMANELY POSSIBLE TO MEMORISE WHAT HAVE YOU CONVERSED TO EACH OF THESE STUDENTS? No. But, KYT-CRM is here to help you in this regard as well. It keeps TRACK of CONVERSATION WITH THE STUDENTS so whenever you want to recall what you have told them, you can see in no time from this amazing SOFTWARE.
  • Oh! We almost forgot! This software is absolutely MOBILE FRIENDLY. So, as a manager you can control all operations from your smartphone at one click and from anytime and anywhere. How COOL is that?
  • This software has also got SYSTEM NOTFICATION MECHANISM. You can be ensured to contact students on time and in this way, you can substantially increase your leads.
  • Last but not the least, this software has LEAD PRIORITIZARION too. It can filter important leads for you really effectively so that it becomes much easier for you to focus on admissions.

Already blown away? We still have surprises for you. Do you know that it takes even less than 5 minutes to create an account here? It is that easy. We have also got another great news for you. If you are someone who is really interested to buy this software but want to experience this magic before, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN. KnowYourTutor is giving you a 7 days free trial services for you so that you can understand how this software performs and can be a significant reason to boost your business.

So, now, instead of splurging on too many tools for your Education CRM, you can now invest only on this software with multiple benefits that you haven’t even dreamt before. Unleash all opportunities for catering growth to your institution by effectively managing your leads. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? We wish all the best for your organisation.

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