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    The Show Stoppers Dance Academy "THE SHOWSTOPPERS" - the journey from an idea in a java class while studying engg in MIT-Manipal ...... to a dance academy !!! Sitting in a java class in the third year of college....a struggle well known to every software engineer......a fight to keep oneself awake , I and my friend felt something hit our heads...it felt like an apple..but we certainly did not redefine the laws of gravity......or wait a min.....did we ? that is when the idea began taking shape..... and the quest started.....the quest for people like us who wanted to let themselves loose , who wanted to fly without wings , who wanted to swirl like cyclones and do what ever it takes to do something which could defy the laws of science and physics even for a moment.... Every journey has a destination and for us it was the cultural fest of NITK Suratkal... So we geared up to present a dance performance to the audience....which could knock them off their feet...and how did it go ? We realized that we could make the time stop without traveling at the speed of light ........and hence came the name "The ShowStoppers" but was that our destination ? the answer was NO !!... for the desire to dance and the will to perform wasn't a slave to any event... and in our journey from an idea to a dance group taught us only one thing - that nothing was more fulfilling and satisfying than to let your passion loose and turn it into a moment of glory.. so here we are at the beginning of the 3rd chapter of our journey.. "THE SHOWSTOPPERS DANCE ACADEMY"

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    Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh Classical Dances Classical Music Fine Arts (Painting) Theatre (Drama)

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